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How To Improve My Website Design And SEO?

zara corner - 25th May 2021 - 0 comments

The best way to increase the profit of your business is to have your website. But, one of the most challenging issues faced by online business is to maintain relevance and stay at the top of the search engine results page.

Your website is the central hub of your digital marketing. People search for a wide range of information online. Therefore, it has to be more functional than attractive to draw traffic to your website. Because, the website you have designed may be of high quality, shiny and beautiful, but if it cannot accommodate search engine optimisation (SEO), there will be no one visiting your site.

Also be careful, not to commit the mistake that most website owners do. The time to think about incorporating page SEO is during the designing process and not after it is done. Please remember that SEO is not like a band-aid which you can fix after the website is made. It is one of the fundamental elements that will help you in a great way to find success in your online business venture. Or else you would have to run the digital race with a wooden leg.

What Is Seo?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is the process of increasing the chances of a web page to be highly ranked in the search engines. It helps the search engine to find your site as most relevant than the other sites. You cannot achieve this by high design aesthetics or the functional aspects, but rather it is based on the usage of keywords and the highlighting of positives.

How To Improve Website Design And SEO?


before you start designing your website, you should have a plan. Your site shouldn’t be one that just exists; rather, it should be one that would effectively meet the needs of your visitors. To achieve that you should map the journey of your buyer from the time they visit your site until they purchase something. It includes the content they read and the offers they love and the pages they will be viewing.

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Placing Scripts

It would help if you always were alert to the fact that search engines want to get the content of a site as quickly as possible. So always place your scripts outside the HTML document. As search engines always see a web page based on what is contained in the HTML document, make it a point to externalise JavaScript and CSS. Otherwise, it will add additional lines of code in the HTML document and will appear ahead of the actual content. And these codes will make crawling slower for the search engines.

Link structure

For your content to be indexed beyond the home page, you need to have internal links that can be crawled by the search engines. Your search engine directives, primary navigation and tools like XML sitemaps, aid the search engine to crawl your site and discover new pages. Link building enables you to have links to your site from other credible websites; this will help achieve better search engine ranking for your website.

Page Speed

Website speed is one of the essential factors of technical SEO; if it is not done right, people may bounce back quickly. Over the years, the number of people using desktops has drastically declined. And more than half of the web traffic are from mobile devices, and people are not willing to wait for more than two seconds, besides they would not always have a high-speed internet connection. So make sure your website is mobile-friendly, as this is one of the most crucial ranking factors. You can use Google’s mobile-friendly test to give you feedback on the mobile-friendliness, desktop speed and mobile speed of your website.

Add A Blog

To keep adding fresh content quickly and regularly, you should add a blog section to your site and keep updating it once a week or sooner. It’s essential because blogs will organically attract search engine traffic. You can also add options for visitors to leave in their search queries and comments. This interactive pattern, apart from adding value to your site, will excite customers, and they may end up posting about your site on their social media platforms. It will turn out to be additional marketing for your site. Please do proper keyword research and find words with a higher search volume to be used in the content and also add anchor texts. These pages on your site will increase the volume of your website and thus will benefit you by increasing the website authority and having more number of pages to leverage with internal links.

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Image Alt Attributes

All images need alt attributes, as these will help the search engine to determine the relevancy of the site when specific keywords are entered. As search engines cannot read images and videos, alt attributes will help it lead a user to your site, when they do an image search. And avoid the tendency to add just any text, as inaccurate descriptions may bring bad results.

Meta Description

Make sure you add these descriptions from a readers perspective as these are the tags that will appear in the search engine results page and gives the person an overview of the site. It would be best if you made it in a way that would convince the visitor to click on the result. Remember that to differentiate between web pages, Google uses these meta descriptions, and it should not exceed the length of 160 characters. To increase the click-through rate, you can add information about free offers, phone numbers and guarantees in your meta tags.

User Experience

The most important factor of web design is to provide a good user experience. If your website is disorganised or confusing, a user would find it hard to navigate through the pages and cannot find what they are searching. And so they may bounce back and start visiting your competitor. So make sure to build a user-friendly navigation interface, so that the visitor can quickly find what they need.

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