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Want More Clicks, Leads and Sales? You Need to Invest in PPC Advertising Services

Today, the majority of the population (approximately more than 96 per cent) searches for local products and services online.


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    Moreover, 75 per cent of people say paid ads

    Makes it quicker and easier to find the online information they are looking for. And, 63 per cent of them agrees that they click on paid ads.

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    This is the right time to invest in pay per click services. PPC marketing is a cost-effective, yet a highly controllable way to get at the top of search engine results, and also on digital platforms where your target audience spends the most time.

    For getting a higher return you need a PPC company having the right expertise, experience, makes data-driven decisions, persistently optimizes your PPC campaigns, and focuses on your entire funnel to assist turn visits into profitable sales. Who does that? C Factory does. When you choose us, you get the complete peace of mind that your PPC ads or text ads are being handled by certified Google Ads and Bing Ads PPC experts.

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    What is PPC?

    PPC stands for pay per click. It is a type of online advertising and marketing in which advertisers shows ads on different websites or platforms. and pay a fee to the host each time one of their ads is clicked. At C Factory, our PPC campaign strategy brings together industry-leading strategies, regular testing, ongoing optimization and campaign research, all with the definite objective of improving both the performance and the scale of your ad campaigns.

    Why Invest in Pay Per Click Advertising?

    Our expert PPC team combines industry-leading strategies We look after all the setup, design, launch, copywriting, and optimization of ads. perpetual optimization, and fixation with performance to drive you the most engagement for your unique budget.

    Why C Factory is the Best PPC Agency London, and Why Hire Us?

    Awesome Results

    We understand your key focus is results, and ours is too. We are not the kind of company that ‘guarantees’ results in words, but we do assure that we only hire the very best, and our professional’s several years of skills, expertise and experience will make you stand out from the crowd.

    Single-Minded Focus

    We are aware of the fact that many agencies get diverted from their primary skills by providing a set of correlated services to expand their revenue streams. Here in C Factory, we have a single-minded focus— “Search Marketing” – also well-known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). That’s it. And that offers enormous benefits.
    We also focus on Google Analytics because it assists us to drive more profitable results.

    100% Transparency

    Let’s face it— the digital marketing industry has some trustworthiness issues. We know your biggest fear and concern is paying an agency and not receiving the desired results, or having to jump through loops to keep up with what they are and are not doing. That is why we are so infatuated with transparency. We are very transparent and clear-cut about what we are executing on your behalf. Moreover, you will always have 24/7 accessibility to all of your data. So, whether you’re based in London or a moon base with an outstanding internet connection, choosing C Factory is a sure way to shoot up your ROI while you sit back and enjoy the view.

    PPC advertising helps your business in many ways, including—

    • Help people find your products or services on search engines

    • Gives you the first look

    • Drives instant results

    • Pulls in quality traffic

    • Boosts your website traffic significantly

    • Increases leads, revenues and sales

    • Payable only when someone clicks on your PPC ads

    • PPC advertising has testing capabilities

    • PPC traffic is more expected to convert

    • PPC advertising is measurable

    • It is not dependent on Google or SEO algorithm changes

    • PPC advertising layouts are better than organic listings

    • Helps your customers and potential customers make informed decisions

    • Helps you build your SEO

    • PPC advertising spend is controllable

    • Assists you step into new markets

    • PPC marketing is extremely targeccted

    • Helps drive offline sales too

    • Increases your customer attribution

    • Enhances your brand awareness and recognition

    • Better and smarter than other types of advertising

    • Enables you to compete with bigger businesses

    • Helps you gain market share

    • PPC advertising is real-time

    What’s Included in Our PPC Marketing Services?

    PPC marketing is a cost-effective, instant way to get more leads, website traffic, and sales. When you choose us for PPC management, you will get:

    • Complete market analysis of your service area and industry

    • Evaluating search terms, monthly search volumes, and others in your niche

    • Finding local competitors with higher ad rank

    • Creating and setting cost-per-lead and revenue goals

    • Keyword research to find out what and how your audience or customers are searching for your services

    • Creating creative ad copy for high-performing, influencing ads

    • Creating creative ad copy for high-performing, influencing ads

    • Split-testing ad copies

    • Performing competitor research on ad copy

    • Tracking click-through-rate

    • Tracking average ad positions by PPC ad campaign

    • Tracking leads, calls, and sales

    • Monitoring and optimizing cost-per-click

    • Assigning revenue to each paid campaign

    • Supervising the average position, cost-per-click and click through rate

    • Managing and modifying bids for each PPC campaign

    • Examining keyword search queries and tweaking bidding

    • And, more optimizations for campaign upgrading

    • PPC ad specific landing page optimizations

    • Targeting customers based on their search requests in search engine results page

    • Display ad campaigns

    • Synchronized paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns

    • Retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns

    • YouTube advertising

    • Paid social marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

    • Bing ads campaign management

    • Google AdWords campaign management

    • Google local services ads management

    PPC Advertising for Your Business

    Over the past many years, we have been directing fruitful PPC campaigns for many clients. Our PPC campaigns are keenly focused on assisting businesses to reap maximum benefits. Whether you are looking for increased leads.

    More quality traffic or even if branding is your key cause of concern, our PPC professionals will design the best strategy to attain your goals. In several years of practice and experience, we have helped businesses globally in achieving maximum ROI with our cost-effective Paid Search Marketing campaigns. At C Factory, we can understand what your business means to you, and that’s why we believe in working with you. With a deep understanding of how pay per click marketing will help your business grow and our experience in the field of paid advertising, we muddle through the optimum campaign for your requirements suited to your budget. Our dedicated team of PPC experts make sure that every passing day generates quality traffic to your site, thus boosting your sales.

    We Know Where and When to Show Your Ad

    Millions of people do billions of genuine searches every day. By comprehending your business, we choose a range of keyword and search phrases that a user who is looking for you or your offered products or services, might search.

    A suitable set of keywords is the secret to targeted traffic. Our keyword selection assists your ad to be viewed in the right places at the right time. With the assistance of trend analysis, we examine traffic behaviour and efficiently tweak campaigns frequently to serve ads to a relevant set of users. perpetual optimization, and fixation with performance to drive you the most engagement for your unique budget.

    Have A Well-Designed Campaign, Not Just Ads!

    The ad structure is the most crucial part of any search engine advertising strategy. We design a complete fundamental outline of your ad considering your PPC goals.

    A deep understanding of search assists us in accomplishing a solid structure for your campaign. Our ad structures are scalable, easy-to-understand, easy to tweak and most importantly, highly effective. We tweak our structure as per your need and design a customized solution for you.

    More Traffic+ More Leads = More Sales

    Get ready for a surge in business with more traffic, more leads and more sales. And all this at a very lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)! By using every ad channel effectively, we go all-out deliver a better RoAS or Return on Ad Spend than you have ever seen before.

    Classified Website design | C Factory

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