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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others have become a significant part of the everyday lives of billions of people.

Social media users are growing at the speed of light. With such excellent reachability and impact, social media platforms have turned out to be the most valued tool for businesses.


We create the affordable bespoke website design

    If you are not leveraging the promising benefits of social networking sites you are losing some amazing deals.

    However, we can help you with this.

    Social Media Marketing is much more than just sharing pictures and posting content. For effective SMM, understanding the perspective of your audience and optimizing your social platforms are thoughtful things.

    Most likely, the strategies that work for a brand might not be helpful and useful for other brands.

    Our Social Media Marketing Services help your business build relationships, grow brand awareness, and website traffic.

    Why Are We the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in London?

    You have outstanding content. Now flaunt to the world. Social media is today’s version of spreading about. It’s all about how you market your brand and have meaningful conversations followers, fans, customers and prospects. With the best and most appropriate social media strategy, you will be heard.

    Reach Your Audience

    Publish and promote your content where your target audience is in all probability to see it.

    Our social media strategist has adroit insight into all networking platforms, industry trends and social media marketing best practices. With C Factory social media marketing services, it has never been easier to increase brand awareness, improve your reach, and drive conversions by employing hyper-targeted messaging.
    To ensure you are talking directly to your target audience, we work with you to identify which social media platforms will connect your business and brand with the right targeted people.

    This persona-specific approach does better by being in the right place at the right time. It means connecting them to content they will enjoy, finding the appropriate words to grasp their attention, and engaging them in a way that assists your business goals.

    Channel Your Voice

    LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest– you name it, we manage it.
    By keeping a close watch on platforms for latest updates that may impact your overall marketing campaign and strategy, you will get real-time flexibility to adapt your social media campaigns. This lets you stay perfectly acclimatised with your audience and foster them to become more than just passive followers or fans.
    We aim to leverage your online audience to maximize your web presence, produce social lift and make connections with micro and macro-influencers. That includes enriching your social networking with user-generated content, reaching customers with highly engaging content from their own peers.
    Your quality content then persists in eternity, always engaging, always adding value to your business aims and bottom line.

    Go Beyond Your Goals

    Having your audience’s attention is not enough; you also need them to convert.

    No matter whether you aim to increase your number of shares, level of engagement across social media platforms, or your followers, you still have to build a pipeline for lead generation.

    We design and implement custom conversion landing pages, on-site forms and labelled calls-to-action. Social followers and site visitors can subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for any upcoming event, or enter a contest, all with just a simple click.

    This paradigm makes it painless to attain leads directly from your landing pages, blog posts and social media platforms.
    Simple and straightforward— That’s how smooth we make it for your prospects to convert.

    Enrich Your Strategy

    Social media is an indispensable part of your bigger content marketing strategy, and we tailor our offerings so that every metric draw map back to your core business objectives.

    Social media success is your business’s success!

    Why Choose Us for Social Media Marketing?

    We know that when business gets on the go, your social media channels are normally the first thing to get off the priority list. With C Factory at your side, they won’t.

    Whether you want to generate an outstanding, eye-catchy Facebook ad, or want a short, crisp Tweet for your twitter account, we can do everything!
    We are a dedicated social media marketing company that has been handling business social media profiles for quite a long time. We know how to use social media to your business’s advantage and how to drive the best results from your marketing budget.

    A Unique Approach to SMM

    Our strategy and approach are different from what you will find with the huge majority of other companies declaring to do what we do. The difference is we are first and foremost focused on you and your target audience.

    Inbound Marketing, SEO and SMM

    We make use of a closed hoop/integrated strategy that combines inbound marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing to develop your business’s online reputation.

    A Holistic Approach

    We strive always to broaden your horizons and maximize the marketing efforts that you use and will build integrated inbound marketing campaigns for all clients using SEO and PPC activities together with content and search engine ranking.

    Connection with The Leading Social Platforms

    Creating a network of quality shares links with leading blogs and other authority sites in your niche industry is another area we address with our well-planned social media marketing campaigns.

    Boosted Results

    We understand the paid social media platforms work the best for particular markets, and we know how to make the most of them optimize for performance and improved sales.

    Committed Paid Social Team

    We have got the team of experts who will guide, setup, implement and optimize campaigns to accomplish your specific goals.

    After several years of expertise and experience in the industry, our reputation and relationships mean everything to us. We are a reliable social media marketing company that will work intently with you and become one of your team.

    Our key goal is to deliver excellence and desired result, not just day after day, but for the long-term. This begins with exceptional service. Try us out by contacting us today!

    Result-Driven Social Media Marketing Strategy Designed to Scale

    With such a wide-ranging scope, it’s no surprise that these networking platforms have become such a helpful tool for businesses. It is imperative to share different types of content on leading social platforms to stay connected to your customers and reach out to more target audience.

    If you’re not trending on Twitter, posting on Facebook, or sharing pictures on Instagram, you are far behind the times – but we can help you.

    Our Social Media Marketing plan and approach is made of three key components—

    • Communication

    • Promotion

    • Brand Awareness

    It’s normal for social media ” specialists ” to create common strategies based on an insensitive number of daily posts and shares. We implore to be different.
    We poke into your current analytics, presence, and data to help shed light on your needs, explore new opportunities, and plan a detailed, assessable plan for long-term social media achievement.

    We optimize your brand message and content according to the degrees of every social platform where you have a presence.

    Content builds trust. Trust builds a business.
    We recognize, foster and grow leads that convert into paying customers with persuasive messaging and creative storytelling.

    In brief, we bring in a good ROI on your social media. That’s a promise!
    C Factory’s social media marketing campaigns start with a reason. A target. To lead customers, nurture your audience and spread out your reach. Our social media management embraces all aspects of building your social presence whilst flaunting your brand’s personality.

    Adaptive Social Media Marketing Strategy

    How We Socialize

    We carefully design your social media marketing strategy around your objectives and your target audience’s expectations. We choose a campaign-based method to stay focus and adapt the content your audience gets through.

    Detailed Reporting
    Your social strategist updates you with regular reports and data-driven insights to point out what’s working and why.

    A/B Testing
    Experimenting with different approaches to your campaigns lets us tweak an exclusive, engaging social strategy.

    Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

    With the growing use of Social Media platforms, it becomes a leading way for brands to reach their target customers effectively.

    People nowadays depend more on social media channels to interact and engage with brands. And if you are still missing out platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to start direct communication with your audience, then you are indeed making a big mistake.

    Efficient social media marketing can offer excellent success to your brand and assist you in building loyal brand advocates and even assist you in driving leads and increase sales.

    However, before building campaigns for social media marketing, you need to understand and consider your business goals first.

    Without goals and proper strategy in mind, your social media campaigns are going to be effortless.

    While defining social media advertising goals for your business, we consider a few points such as—

    • Who you are targeting and why?

    • The behaviour of your target audience and prospects

    • What kind of accomplishments are you expecting your marketing campaigns?

    • What type of message do you aim spreading through your social campaigns?

    • Does the defined social media marketing strategy align with your business type?

    Here is how social media marketing can assist you in achieving the desired objectives for your business—

    • Increasing your website traffic

    • Creating brand awareness

    • Increasing website conversions

    • Improving direct communication and engagement with target audiences

    • Refining your brand identity and developing a positive brand image

    • Develops reliable, high-quality content for your site

    • Builds trust and rapport with your customers

    • Builds your reputation as an industry leader

    • Focuses on customer needs and wants

    • Improves search engine ranking results for your keywords

    • Generates high-quality leads to new clients

    • More efficient use of marketing budget

    The higher the number of audiences you will reach through social networking platforms, the simpler it will be for your business to attain your marketing goals.
    No matter what’s your business size or type, SMM will work for you. Especially for start-ups and small businesses, social media marketing has generated outstanding results in the limited marketing budget.

    Social Media Marketing London— How C Factory Works?

    Being a leading social media marketing company, we believe in delivering transparency and acceptable results to our clients. We keep up with the cutting-edge social media trends to stay a step ahead of others.

    We are the pacesetters and exceptional combination of innovative thinkers and smart workers. Our experts are always on the brink of accepting the new challenging tasks and in return, deliver you the first-class social media marketing outcomes.
    We can’t decline the importance of social media marketing in today’s competitive business world. Social media marketing is no more a choice; rather it has become a necessity to survive in the business world.

    The only choice we have is to determine how much to get social.

    The social media activities of a business or a brand lean on the types of products and services, a company is offering to its users. An effective strategy is designed and handled according to size, type, and target audience of the brand. This is what C Factory, a social media marketing agency, is an expert at! We help you target the ideal customers for your business. Our team have an experienced eye that could predict the brand’s social life in a better and prolific way.

    Competitor Analysis

    We evaluate what our competitors are already performing so that we become the trendsetters rather than following the same trends.

    Social Media Audit

    Going over the past behaviours of the brand over all the social networking platforms and comprehending the client’s business so as to prepare clear documentation.

    Social Media Strategy

    After understanding the business, we develop appropriate strategies for the brand or the company. We have faith in doing things differently!

    Content Creation

    Social Media success comes to business when they have a compelling, unique story to share in the most unique and influencing way. From content to image and video content, our in-house team develops high-quality content that drives results.

    Influencer Marketing

    The fastest and most subtle way to share out the word is working with top influencers. We have developed a strong relationship with several influencers and make sure to meet all the brand guidelines.

    Ad Management

    Working out not including the paid social media marketing is the same as speaking to a crowd where no one is pinning your ears back. But how you run or boost a campaign is what is essential to make your words reach the right target audience.

    Communication Management

    Only posting content won’t work; you need to be social. Liking other posts, sharing relevant content, replying to customer questions or comments on time is what your audience expect to see. With full growth paths, we look after and represent your brand skilfully.

    In-depth Insights and ROI

    As we all know, social media is a set of data. We work on finding the analytics of what’s working best for the brand by building reports and rework on strategies accordingly whenever needed.

    We are expert in developing rewarding social media strategies. We carefully listen to our clients’ needs and deliver the best possible solution.

    Through these marketing efforts, your audience will hear you loud and clear.

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