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Digital Marketing During the Coronavirus Outbreak

zara corner - 26th May 2021 - 0 comments

There are no flyers anymore, there’s no one out there to examine the catchy sentences on billboard beside the roads or in the midst of a plaza. We are in a situation where we’ve asked be stuck to rectangles beaming information. So, now the marketing game changes, the digital advertising rises its pedestal extra than ever due to the fact that it’s birth. So, is it integral for you to market what you have in the digital footprint right in the middle of a pandemic? If you think no, well I’ve acquired information saying you’re the audience of this rat race. If you think yes, then carry on reading.


The basis of this on-going COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone globally, not just your town or state or country, but everyone globally into their little nests. Everyone’s being concealed to their mobile devices, their laptops latched on to the internet cruising through blogs, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and what not. Don’t you think this is what every digital marketing forum wants? For the audience to constantly stay in a medium, attractive enough to succumb the potential customers to a pitch; long enough to look at something, free enough to be interested.

The basis of digital marketing is to deliver a content which from it’s embarking second to the last, captures the viewer to wrap their eyes around the process displayed in the video.  If you hit the right points and deliver the right strands, people who never wanted or never knew such service existed might be the one subscribing or buying it first as the pandemic shuts down. That right there is the advantage of digital marketing, the capacity to capture audience without neither of your presence nor theirs.


With the ongoing pandemic, there are countries which have advices its citizens to practice social distancing and there are countries like Italy which have imposed complete lockdown. One way or the other, an average human tends to spend 30-45% more on-screen time during these days. This is not only a figure but the ratio of widening scope to inflict your pitch and product into the viewer’s thought. The objective end of digital marketing is to no longer have a customary commercial however to inflict into the ideas of the viewers. By far the greatest challenge for digital media marketing personnel is to attract viewers around their content from their respective busy life. Now that for the most population, that barrier is lifted, it has become the floor to check and verify.


Let’s take an example of a charging cable business. Charging cables are the need of the hour for literally every other individual. Just like need, there’s a manufacturing unit around every turn. So, what’s going to be a manufacturer’s pitch to the consumers that will make their product stand out of the sheep flock?

The only solution is Creative Content. On an average, almost 5% of an individual’s time gets eaten by ads throughout their internet surfing period, in a day. So, the likelihood of anybody actually looking at the whole advert in YouTube or in an internet site is exceptionally low, however no longer zero. So, when marketing meets absolute creativity, the end result is the addition of consumers to the advertised product. Creativity should make sense to the person watching the ad, he/she should be able to relate to it, interact to it because right this moment there’s no one literally going anywhere. So why not set them to the product you want to sell?


This might sound like every other thing, but this turns out to be the major factor for your audience when it comes to making them stay throughout the ad or skip past them. To catch someone’s eye to your marketing technique is half the trick, to make them stay is the real talk. Keep it to the point, although most of the population is at home idle it doesn’t mean one will sit through everything you put out there. Pick the right audience and have a stable online presence, a summer isn’t called with one sparrow’s chirp.


Hello, Blogger. Seo is the heart and soul of any blog, no matter how wondrous your writing skill is, how informative your content is, if it doesn’t hit the right keywords, the search engine will abruptly skip your article and place it in the midst of pages than the first one. When was the last time someone went beyond the first page of Google or Bing? To stay at the top of your game, you should prevail maximum information on the right keywords. Use few tools, buy few. There couldn’t be a better time than this where there are lots of new blog readers. If not now, then when?


We as humans basically love doing something others do. Just not that, we would do it the exact same manner. This is the birthstone of trend. It is the polished synonym of mimicry. Strategize your marketing skills and set them towards the tone of the trend, or if you’re confident enough, set one. With catching and sponsoring the right number of influencers, you might have got a trend set by yourself. Again, pitch efficiently, look at the demographics and have a sensible view at what people might do. Put yourselves in the shoes of the viewer you’ll know what to move with.


Finally, online marketing campaign. There’s no longer bad timing in the digital marketing sector. Every second is an opportunity, every pixel makes content. Digital marketing standards can never plummet because there’s always someone to introduce and find new ways of marketing. People hired youtubers to display content in the video rather than having a pre-ad displayed before the video. This not only makes the product to escape the fall of ‘skip ad’ but also make the people watch their favourite online stars sell your product. One should always be aware that in digital marketing, a product can be perfectly marketed online only when there is a win-win situation.

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