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How To Build The Best E-commerce Website Design?

zara corner - 25th May 2021 - 0 comments

If you have been long considering about starting an eCommerce website and have been a little hesitant, just don’t think any further. This is the right time. The world now is revolving around the internet and people have started to prefer convenience over everything else. That is why online businesses have become a popular thing nowadays.

But, being a beginner is not always easy. So if you have to succeed in your eCommerce business it is important to consider a few things beforehand. Now, let’s get started and get to know the ways to build the best eCommerce website.

Make it as simple as possible

One of the first things you have to keep in mind while designing an eCommerce site is to keep it simple. Because being simple is always the better option. If you have more elements on your page like banner ads, colours and pop-ups, it will take away the important point of the website. So you cannot achieve your ultimate goal of closing sales. The countless number of bells and whistles on your eCommerce website will act as distractions. So try hard and design your website to be clean, clear and simple, so that you can focus on sales.

Think from a visitors perspective.

If you want your web design to connect with your audience, you will have to start thinking about your audience before starting to design it. If you do so you can understand two simple things that customers want. Firstly, they want a stress free eCommerce experience. That is, they would like to visit and stay in a site that is easy to navigate. Secondly, they would want to stay on the site for a longer time if it is a treat to their eyes. So a well-designed site that is straightforward, hassle-free making the shopping experience easy is more likely to succeed.

Therefore, while designing your site, put yourself in your user’s shoes and start thinking. Think about what kind of a layout will be the easiest for them to navigate. Also, think about how to organise the products in a way that will make sense for the end-user. And how to simplify the checkout process. By doing so you can anticipate what they want from your store. Hence can design it in order to meet their needs.

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Use high-quality images

A recent study statistics have proved that by incorporating more relevant images into a web design you can increase conversion rates by 40%. This proves that by using images you can increase conversions in the world of web design. This is so because no one wants to play a blind game with their money. They don’t want to spend money on something that they haven’t seen. So if you want to urge the visitor to buy the product, you have to show them what they are going to buy. You can do that by showing the product using high-quality images. When you get professional images of all your products that will go long way in building trust and confidence in your brand. You may also want to go a step further and have images of the same product from multiple angles. Increasing their confidence, you can impel them to buy the product as they know what they are going to buy.

On the other hand, if there are only details and no images or if there is only a low-quality image, the users may feel hesitant to make the purchase. As a result, your conversions will sink. So do your utmost to use as many high-quality pictures as possible for all the products you are selling in the market. Then, you can reap the benefits.

Use social proof

In general, ‘ word of mouth ‘ is one of the best marketing technique. Likewise, in digital marketing providing social proof is one of the most effective marketing strategies. People are more likely to believe what most of their peers say. So add social proof in your web design. When you are designing your e-commerce site look for ways to show off the positive responses that you have got from the already existing clients. To do that, you can add a rating section, where people can leave rate your products. Also, add a section for testimonials. Here you can feature customer photos with one or two quotes that can explain their experience working with you. You can also ask customers to review your products and say what they like about them. And then you can add them to your blog.

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Consequently, as the visitors keep seeing the positive experiences of others shopping on your site, they will keep building their confidence in you. And then you will turn out to be a trustworthy brand in their eyes. This means that it will also help in hiking your conversion rates.

Try to make your content scannable

Many business owners spend most of their time, even many days to craft long descriptions for their products on the site. But we’ve got some news for you. No one is going to read all that. Research proves that most of the users of the website only read about 20% of the text that is given on a web page. At the very sight of long paragraphs, they tend to escape reading it.

What the visitors actually do is, instead of reading the texts word for word, they simply scan the entire text to look for only the key information. So if you want to get your point across and drive sales, you must make your content scannable. So try to break up the content you have planned to post. It can be the information in the “about us ” page or a blog post or the product description- whatever it is break it u into an easy-to-scan format.

Do as much as you can to help the sentences and paragraphs short and precise, Use bolding to call attention to the key points. Use bulletins to break up long texts. Therefore, always remember that the easier the content is to scan, the easier it will be for your visitors to absorb your key messages. hence, they will be more inclined to make sales.

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