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What Does The Future Of Digital Marketing Look Like?

zara corner - 26th May 2021 - 0 comments

To begin with the future perspective of any sector we should undoubtedly look at its current prospects. Right now, digital marketing is everything. It is the mind and soul when it operates around the basis of reaching a wider range of customers. Back then, before the introduction of digital marketing, one has to travel at times to certain places and interact with people in the process of marketing. Such tedious process could be certainly avoided which makes the whole marketing process less time consuming. Digital marketing did something that revolutionized the entire sector, it helped marketing personnel to streamline their audience.

Why Should You Streamline Your Audience?

Remember the times when people appointed workers for minimum wage and they held out flyers and pamphlets in a busy area handing it out to everyone irrespective of their interest? Yeah that’s exactly why you should streamline your audience.

We know the statistics to what happened to handing out flyers, people either used it wipe something off or deliberately threw it off then and there. The reason is not because they weren’t interested in the contents of the flyer, it is that they weren’t interested in the pamphlets itself. It’s as senseless as randomly calling someone in the middle of their day and selling your product.

Digital marketing not only gave us the opportunity to select our audience but also help us to choose the time and traffic of each sector. Traffic is when a large amount of people in a certain period of time in the day buzz about something similar. It’s as simple as a group of individuals discussing about something or merely having an online presence.

Forwards Are The New Flyers:

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it, we all carry the guilt of sharing forwards, especially the ones that carry some message which has to do with the subject completely unrelated to our daily lives. Well, how far did you know that those forwards are the pinnacle of immediate marketing? Its true. You get a forward from your loved ones and you’ll probably buy it. This has by far been the biggest trick pulled in the marketing world, to let the product market itself and to make the people who buy it be the potential marketeers.

The next big thing was the email marketing. Around 50 million emails are shared on a daily basis in the marketing sector. Sending mass emails to your customers and to new potential customers who have visited your site using cookies has been conventional and methodologically a successful technique to imply additional customers. Usually, people don’t read this mail, but with the correct subject and precise selection of audience, it’s the best method of today’s digital marketing service. The success of email marketing doesn’t start with a customer moving forward with it but with the customer successfully opening the mail after their attention being capture by the subject itself.

Things that can potentially carry out a successful email campaign:

  • Keep the subject precise and catchy. This probably the most your audience would read before skipping it.
  • Let’s have the email with a paragraph so that the reader doesn’t have to sit through a blog.
  • Link it. Keep it short and for further information like your audience to your website. By this way, your audience would visit your webpage which results in cookies, also would increase your page topic.
  • Make sure you’re sending the mail at the right time of the day. We don’t want your audience waking up to it. Especially on Mondays.

Marketing Media-Social Media

Let’s not skip the fact, social media has collectively has around 2-3 billion people active on a daily basis. The social media giant, Facebook alone has 1.2billion daily active users. The essentials of Digital Marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising or Paid Marketing, Content Marketing and E-Mail Marketing and last but foremost Social Media Marketing. If your business is online and you have not developed any Social Media Marketing strategy or you have not created business accounts on social media platforms, it may sound like, starting a business but not disclosing it. It is one of the digital marketing techniques used to utilize social networking platforms to gain traffic and attract the targeted audience. Social Media Marketing is perceived as the best marketing tool to advertise as it is cost effective, time efficient and it directly appeals the people present in any specific community.

You cannot think of being successful in digital marketing sector without using social media. It helps to constantly maintain relations with all clients and have existent happy also to strengthen your marketing strategies.

The Future:

It is time that all the companies embrace the fact that digital marketing is the key. Whether be it some digital billboard in the NY Times or a pop-up message in everyone’s devices, Digital media marketing is the future. With an estimated $46 billion going closer to programmatic advertising and marketing in 2018, it’s estimated that 86% of all digital display ads will be introduced by means of automation by way of 2020. This shift closer to AI automation gives a more seamless, efficient, and correct method to paid media, while concurrently reducing customer acquisition costs.

While the technology is nevertheless in its infancy, we’re already seeing some notably principal examples of this in the daily world. Self-driving vehicles are already being sold, for instance. And both Amazon and Netflix already have built-in AI elements that help with tips and transactions. We’ll continue to see it being used in a range of up-and-coming marketing applications, including content creation, voice and face recognition, chatbots, digital assistants, and highly targeted marketing strategies.

So, to invest or not to invest will be the Shakespearean question in the sector of AI digital marketing. But lets just realise one thing, we came from yelling things in a gathering to selling flyers in a gathering. If it means the same, I guess the gathering that we will find henceforth would be an online one.

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