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A Guide Towards a WordPress Site Builder

Monica Joann - 5th July 2019 - 0 comments

WordPress site builder – Nowadays, where everything has become modernised in the world. There is a need for everybody to approach the world with the mode of website. Whatever be your business turnover, people judge you and your business depending on your exposure in the digital world, i.e., whether your business has a website or not. Thus, it is essential for the world to show that you are on the same page with digital background and knowledge, this can be with the help of your websites that is being created by the WordPress site builder.

A Brief Journey with WordPress Site Builder and the Role of a Page Builder

WordPress is a platform that is an easy way to build and customise a WordPress site. This whole platform is built with by selecting an existing WordPress theme where the modification is done with the help of simple drag and drop WordPress page builders work.

For every plugin, there is a set of in-built layouts that are without any codes. These builder tools help and allow the web designer to create, edit, and customise the website with some code if needed.

In this article, let’s see in detail about the plugins that are used in creating the website with WordPress platform.

Need of a Drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress

Mostly, when someone starts a blog, many beginners find it difficult to customise their WordPress page layouts. Well, this is because there are a lot of premium WordPress themes that come with different page design layouts, and most of them are extremely hard to customise for anyone who does not know HTML/CSS coding.

Thus, most of the people wish for a drag and drop interface to be in the WordPress platform. For them, many builder plugins are available in the market that allows them to create completely customised website designs in WordPress without writing even a single code.

wordpress site bulider

As already said that there are many different WordPress page builders in the market, that differs with the criteria of ease of use, flexibility and the design output. Let’s explore different WordPress builders,

Beaver builders:

Beaver Builder is available with the most flexible drag and drop page builder option that works with any new website or existing website. It is one of the popular page builder that can help in building beautiful professional pages with as easy as dragging and dropping the elements.

It works on the front end of a WordPress website and takes control over the website despite a professional or a beginner. This beaver builder comes with a live drag and drop interface where you can simply drag the elements from the right sidebar and drop them on your page. Here, you can click on any element on the page and edit its properties.

This editor contains several modules that let you add almost everything that is needed, which includes sliders, backgrounds, carousel, content blocks, buttons, etc. It is also available with over 30 finely designed page templates for landing pages that make it much easier and faster to create stunning website layouts. This builder is well compatible with the new WordPress version.

Divi builders:

Divi is a brand-new product from the Elegant Themes that allows you to modify not only the website’s content but also the site design without making any change on to the themes. This builder can revolutionise the way you build the websites.

It is a WordPress plugin that works virtually with any WordPress theme. It is very easy to use and comes with 20+ layouts/templates for different kind of websites. Here, you can directly click on your page and start editing with the real-time preview and have all the changes. And even you don’t have to save and click the preview to see the new design.

Divi builders allow you to insert, remove, and edit the WordPress content blocks. Even it boasts unlimited layout possibilities, and it’s perfect for a responsive design approach. The 46 modules of Divi builders are used to create an almost infinite number of layout combinations. Here, you can create a beautiful site with a simple drag and drop interface, allowing the site owners with almost no design or development experience.

It allows you to use the drag and drop option with the modules anywhere in your layout and create the output within minutes. These 46 modules can be arranged in 3 section types with 20-row types. Even, here you can customise each element using its advanced design settings.

wordpress site builder

Elementor page builders:

As all other plugins, even elementor allows you to drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress. With that, it provides a complete original and separate interface for creating posts, pages, and custom post types.

Elementor does not require you to know any HTML or PHP language. Here, everything can be done through a handy user interface.

It is the frontend page builder that offers a limitless design possibility. It includes dozens of useful WordPress widgets with a fantasic collection of designed template library, a unique mobile editing toolset and a visual revision history feature. These are some of the available features in the free plugin.

It allows you to create any content layout or page layout regardless of your current WordPress theme as it is capable of working with all the WordPress themes. The main benefit of using an elementor is that you can create an impressive page layout or content structure without the knowledge of any language skill such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

WPBakery page builder:

WPBakery page builder is a WordPress site builder page builder plugin that allows you to create stunning and an amazing website content with simple drag and drop options on any layout at your comfort. It can also be called as a visual page builder as with this you can be able to build your layout painlessly without wasting your time writing shortcodes. But, it is something entirely different from a visual composer website builder.

The WPBakery page builder takes care of the website’s content page but does not allows you to have header, footer, and sidebar. It will not give any additional page layout option. This WPBakery page builder is available only with the premium version, no free.

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Visual composer website builder:

Most of the people get confused with visual composer website builder and WPBakery page builder – they both are independent products. They can’t be simply replaced one by another. Visual composer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to drag and drop the elements to build and edit the site and takes full control of the website.

It allows you to add new text blocks, buttons, images, etc., simply by adjusting the properties as per your wish. Its theme determines the look of your site depending upon the usage of colour, font, widget, etc. It allows you to change the theme of your site anytime without changing the content.

Thus, this article concludes that the involvement of a page builders plays a significant role in creating a user-friendly open-source WordPress website.

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