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What is the importance of UX design?

Elza - 10th June 2020 - 0 comments

What is UX design?

To begin with it is pivotal by saying that there is no standard definition for UX Design. UX may also be an idea that could have several dimensions and it inculcates a variety of disciplines. It includes, interaction design, information architecture, visual design and human-computer interaction. But let’s try to get a clearer picture of what that truly means.

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The definition of UX design:

The idea of an ideal UX design is to “improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, simple use, and pleasure provided within the interaction with a product.” In other words, UX design is that the method of designing (digital or physical) products that are useful, easy to use, and pleasant to interact with. It’s about enhancing the experience that folk have while interacting along with your product, and ensuring they find value in what you’re providing.

1. The On-boarding / landing page experience

A dead screen on Landing should be avoided by any means. By dead screen, we mean a landing page loaded with hefty content and zilch specifically, to stress on or to capture the attention of the audience. Once an online site has made a negative first impression on us, likelihood is that high that we’ll not enjoy our visit much or anticipate to coming. the probabilities are that they’d already visited dozens of websites before landing on your page, that the purpose here is to convey them a superb first impression, all the while staying relevant to their expectation. This means, it is as simple as having a background image which is bright, background video or GIF, rich white space for relaxation amidst a blog page or any other elements which are interactive.

2. Limit the content. Refine the words.

Too much of written content will bore the user and have a lasting experience over the user. They might tend to skip it before reading it. Be super stingy about the number of words you place out there. Use precise words and sentences. Quality is extremely important over quantity — Hit the bull’s eye. Restriction of yourself towards mundane choice of words under the tent of Professionalism should be seriously avoided. Use a contented or natural tone of speech or come-up along with your own brand voice.

Use high-quality catchy visuals where ever you discover it relevant & possible.

For most sections 70% Visual & 30% Content Rule holds good. Visual appeal plays an outsized part in establishing brand affinity along with your website visitors.

UX Design | Cfactory

3. Live chat. It’s a requirement have.

The reasons are quite self-explanatory. the foremost reason being addressing the people’s concern then & there. It also features a high lead capture rate compared to the age-old contact us forms.

It also acts as a magic portal, u can expect all quite wild things commencing of it like user feedback, lead generation, project enquiry, job opportunities, even out of the blue ones like you’re being called as a chief guest to judge an app building hackathon in your region, which actually happened in our case.

People now are looking to create their chatting and support process over the online, more interactive and intelligent. For this, leverage the advantage of getting a conversation bot which makes make your website livelier and more interactive and also, they return results faster comparatively.

4. Delicate things that matter — Micro Animations

With micro-animations, it’s possible to elucidate lots without employing a word. These micro animations make interactions more pleasant & visually pleasing.

If there’s anything that gonna differentiate your website from most of the websites out there, trust us, this is often gonna be it. These tiny detailing add up to convey a profound influence on the user experience aspect of your website.

5. Find a middle ground between variation and uniformity.

If you’ve a multi-page website, you’d never want all of your pages to be monotonous. Don’t have the identical layout on every page and keep changing the content alone. This makes the experience an awfully very boring one. the identical applies to different sections of the page.

Come-up with variations in layouts. there is a full lot of layouts for websites out there. Choose the one that the majority accurately fits your content. But at the identical time use caution to not overdo it to the extent it looks as if each page belongs to a definite website, which might eventually leave the user confused & frustrated. You will be ready to retain the uniformity by maintaining — sustained color usage, font & button styling and other visual cues.

The concept of design, similar to the net, is increasingly becoming a necessity in modern life. People are increasingly talking about the user experience, and even regarded it because the foremost crucial factor of Internet products to win the market. But when it involves what the user experience is, people cannot provide a transparent expression.

Many people don’t know that after they evaluate the user experience, it’s actually the usability of the merchandise. Specifically, the usability of a product consists of three aspects:

The Usability: Improving the good thing about use of the merchandise is that the work of interaction designers. it’s including the good thing about learning and efficiency. Easy to search out refers to the user in-tuned with a replacement product, it is best to search out it easily and naturally.

The satisfaction: The user’s greatest satisfaction comes from the value (usefulness and usability) provided by the merchandise, likewise because the experience in terms of performance, vision.

The Usability Assessment: There are some ways to gauge usability: Heuristic evaluation, user testing, questionnaires, user interviews, and performance testing.

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