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What is Adobe Magento?

Zara Corner - 1st October 2019 - 0 comments

Adobe Magento— For a Highly Enriched Shopping Experience

Adobe Magento – Magento is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. With the mobile-friendly theme and world-class features, it has succeeded to deliver an exceptional user experience. Its highly scalability and features let the retailers drive more customers towards a boosted level of marketing activities and sales events.

Being acquired by Adobe in May 2018, it has a high possibility of getting fortified with a lot of highly useful features. Thus, it will be able to produce a significant impact in 2019 and beyond in the e-commerce world.

Adobe’s acquisition of Magento assures a highly enriched shopping experience and a considerable conversion boost.

A platform which combines business intelligence, digital commerce, and order management is something that Adobe looked-for to solidify their status as a digital experience leader.

Adobe’s Commerce Cloud is built on the company’s $1.68bn acquisition and is principally a fully managed cloud-based version of the Magento platform which is fully built-in with the other Adobe’s tools including its Marketing Cloud, Advertising Cloud and Analytics Cloud.

Impact of Adobe’s Acquisition

Today majority of successful businesses have Magento at their core. Adobe acquired Magento to get the enterprise-grade commerce platform for creating a smooth customer interface for their businesses.

The addition of Magento Commerce Cloud will let the commerce to be effortlessly included in Adobe Cloud Experience, providing a single eCommerce platform capable of serving both B2C and B2B customers internationally.

We can only guess the new abilities that Adobe Experience Cloud will attain with Magento. They include—

Common Architecture

Greater Personalization

Unified Shopping Experiences

Unequalled Innovation and Business Agility


The integration with Adobe Experience Manager allows enterprise brands to build and handle powerful shopping experiences around every touchpoint during the customer journey.

Adobe now offers its e-commerce business development a perfect platform. Bundled together with Adobe’s experience manager, Magento is now a blooming digital asset.

With CIF (Commerce Integration Framework), Adobe can create Magento more operative in supporting more difficult business situations.

For instance, many content authors and marketers are reliant on CMS tools for managing the buyer experience. In simpler words, they prefer using a single device for controlling both the brand as well as the user experience, instead of multiple software to execute different functions.

In this case, CIF can come very convenient. It allows Adobe to offer a common tool to manage the user experience for e-commerce and content management in a much-improved way than the existing solutions through Magento.

Why Does the Adobe Magento Acquisition Make Sense?

User experience and their overall buying journey are divided into parts. Each of these parts has been tackled with particular technological solutions and integrations.

As a company wants to connect with your customer impeccably, across the customer’s buying journey and across different platforms, you will have invested in all these technologies, and most importantly, what keeps it together.

Obviously, with various elements inter-dependent on one another, there are probability to hitch; and that is where effective solutions like Magento come into action.

What is required between the different elements is a stronger bond that handles every phase of the customer journey. In the case of Adobe and Magento, Adobe was dealing with three crucial aspects of the customer journey along with their three cloud platforms, and Magento the fourth.

Magento is a flexible and extensible and a brilliant platform that works seamlessly on both the B2B and B2C levels. With the acquirement, Adobe is now in a better position to deliver across the full customer journey and assist businesses to connect with their customers more productively.

Some Highlighting Features of Adobe Magento

Magento Commerce Cloud enables the user to develop a bespoke shopping experience which can be perfectly tailored to the smallest of details.

For instance, in the buying funnel every visitor on an e-commerce site is at a different stage. With the Adobe Magento commerce, you can ensure they interact in a particular way with dedicated content created exclusively for that stage only. You can integrate enterprise systems with Magento Commerce Cloud.

And also, there is a lot more to it. We have mentioned some of the highlighting features—

One Point Solution

Whether you sell to B2C, B2B or both, you can easily manage and scale it anytime from just a single store. Magento Commerce Cloud provides you with the ability to handle multiple stores from a single account.

Progressive Web Apps

Without any doubt, the future is mobile. Still, that does not mean that fast-speed internet is in reach of the whole world. Also, there is no accessibility to devices that can run on multiple applications.

The only and effective way to reach those customers is through progressive web applications.

Using the Magento platform, you can build apps that are on the web but still providing a native app experience. Amazing, right?

Adobe enables retailers to build online stores that offer an app-like experience. It eventually leads to a significant boost in conversion rates.

Adobe Magento

Adobe steps up the experience-driven commerce with major innovations to Magento commerce cloud. It puts performance, agility and security at the front to help brands boost time to market and simplify operations to surpass business and customer expectations.

Ads That Go Higher, Further, Faster

Magento Commerce cloud using direct integration with advertising channels helps retailers to make top-quality ad campaigns. Machine learning provides the capability to market the right products to the right customer in an effective manner.

Enhanced User Experience

The key effort of the Experience Cloud is to create the process of buying and selling engaging. The Magento platform has fine-tuned its user experience to make managing any task, instinctive, no matter who is processing it.

Eventually, an online store with easy to use interface for the staff, and also for the customer, goes a long way. With amazing tools such as templates, search, and a neat and systematized dashboard, there is no stopping you!

Intelligent Business Analytics

Magento commerce cloud offers lots of functional tools to keep an observant eye on your business and customers’ behaviour. Using that, you can know which product is performing better and why.

Once you know your customers closely, you can easily convert them into loyal customers in no time.


Today, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way visitors engage with the websites. It lets you evaluate customer behaviour and modify the interaction system accordingly.

It also allows you to get the traces left by the online store visitors, like most viewed products, and make a personalized product recommendation.

Another brilliant feature of AI is Chatbots which lets the customers get a quick response to their issues.

Magento will continue to adopt AI in a more cutting-edge way to enrich the user and customer experience in the coming years.

Thanks to the Adobe Magento Acquisition— Ecommerce Meets Innovation

Adobe Magento offers better collaboration opportunities for SMEs. Being open-source, Magento has so far been the go-to solution for majority small and medium organizations.

With this acquisition, aligning with Magneto becomes more rewarding for SMEs, because it provides them with more accessible collaborative capabilities with the powerhouse of amenities that Adobe offers.

This leads to substantial progress in the way SMEs manage the business and communicate with their clients and prospects.

The advantages of having a common integrated platform from a single retailer are certainly something that will profit the marketplace hugely. It is an acquisition that is being carefully examined, with the final result expectantly working toward a common goal – a perfect customer experience. And thus, an enrichment of businesses. A win-win situation for all the segments concerned.

With Magento Commerce Cloud, you will get access to a wide variety of apps, integrations and extensions. All these features will eventually help your business, no matter how large scale it may be.

Having acquired Magento, Adobe may be able to provide a platform that allows you to customize and enhance customer experiences across the entire customer journey.

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Adobe Magento

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