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What Are the Pros and Cons of Using WordPress Site?

Zara Corner - 10th October 2019 - 0 comments

WordPress Site— Perfect for Bloggers and Website Owners

WordPress site is the most widely used content management system (CMS) that hosts up the majority of the websites on the Internet. It uses a series of templates to assist beginners in designing and creating their website without having to code everything from scratch.

It has continued been the first choice for website owners and bloggers. There are free as well as paid versions available. You can use free and paid extensions and plugins to add different functionalities to your website and grow it beyond a basic webpage.

The preparation time to get up and running is low, and the majority of people can have an essential website up within a few hours.

If you are planning to build a new website, you need to consider the pros and cons of using a WordPress site.

To help you make a well-versed decision on whether to use WordPress or not, this write-up lists some pros and cons of this fantastic Open-Source platform. Let’s delve into them right away.


Pros of Using WordPress Site

Using WordPress has many benefits, including—

Open Source

WordPress is an open-source software, so anyone can use, learn, modify and redistribute its source code.

Majority of the themes and plugins are available for free under the GPLv2 license.

Open-source software provides you with the freedom and ability to modify and alter little things to personalize your website. WordPress lets you add plugins and extensions for different functionality.

Being an open-source software, WordPress programmers can openly share code online. The sharing of the code will help save a lot of developing costs and time by using an existing code.

One of the most significant advantages of WordPress is that to make changes on the back end, you don’t have to be a developer. You can adjust the code to transform other aspects of the site and do the necessary changes yourself.


WordPress is a secure CMS that’s admirable for a beginner who wants a blog or website.

How easy is it to navigate through the pages and content on a WordPress is something that has made it so popular and a great CMS. WordPress makes it easy to organize content, even with little necessary skills and website management knowledge.

It uses template style designs that you can change as per your likes and dislikes. Your dashboard shows Google analytics and essential information.


Today the majority of internet surfing is done using smartphones and mobile devices, making your site as responsive and approachable as possible to different devices is vital to your success.

Most of WordPress’s themes and designs are responsive and well-integrated. Using this market-winning CMS means you can take advantage of evolving responsive web technology without having to develop new sites every so often.

wordpress site


Developing, designing and maintaining a blog or website using WordPress can cost just about as little as much as your budget allows.

WordPress is free to install and comes with very reasonable one-click hosting plans. WordPress has free themes as well as paid versions of themes, templates, extensions, and plugins.

Today, owning a website is not as expensive as in the old days— thanks to reliable content management system like WordPress.

Varieties of Professional Themes and Plugins

WordPress gives you the complete freedom to choose your desired theme from a wide range of premium themes. Outstanding themes are available at amazingly low prices. WordPress themes are very reliable when it comes to being responsive.

Moreover, there are more than 50,000 free as well as paid plugins available. These plugins let you tailor and enhance any WordPress site. If you need to make any specific changes to your website’s functionality, probabilities are there is a plugin to do just that.

The availability of professional site themes and ample of easy-to-use plugins are one of the compelling reasons for using the platform. Make sure to choose the right WordPress theme and WordPress plugins for your needs.

Having a mobile-friendly website platform with uniformity across all devices is very crucial to the user experience; WordPress does a brilliant job with this.


Search Engine Optimization helps get organic traffic to your site. WordPress has built-in SEO options, which makes it easier for a beginner to draw an audience.

There are several SEO plugins available in WordPress to help optimize content, meta tags, keyword optimization and much more.

WordPress Site

One of the most robust SEO tools available is the Yoast plugin. It integrates perfectly into your WordPress dashboard.

The WordPress plugins are designed for simplicity and SEO purposes. For some people, meta tags and descriptions are challenging. WordPress prepares these tags easy to use and understand.

Moreover, it is also a fantastic tutor when it comes to optimization. It helps in understanding which words and phrases are most suitable for search engines, which will help more people to find your content and benefit from it.

Design – Functionality – Content

WordPress, unlike most other types of sites, keeps the three components— design, content and functionality separate.

It lets you change your content without spoiling the design or the functions. You can add plugins without disturbing your design or content.

At any point in time, if you feel the design or look of your website isn’t working, you can anytime choose a different template without losing any content which you have already created.

If you want to add a contact form or change the background image, WordPress lets you do anything seamlessly and effortlessly.

It is best suitable for beginners and those experimenting with different design options to find the right one.


With the growth in cybersecurity risks, almost every site faces security challenges. With proper web design and development skills, or professional web service provider help, you can use WordPress’s security plugins and updates to ensure your site remains hack-proof.

Security is far much more improved on a WordPress site than on traditional sites.

Admirable Social Media Integration

WordPress enables hassle-less integration with numerous social networks. Being a website or blog owner, you don’t have to login to your social media accounts every time you plan to share fresh content and data to your online community.

WordPress offers high-level social connectivity to ensure that you automatically update your social media accounts with a single click.

eCommerce Websites

Majority eCommerce site owners use WordPress. This provides a lot of investment opportunities for online entrepreneurs who can see possibilities in the growth of financial markets as well as the more prominent use of the internet globally.

wordpress site

WordPress offers several plugins, such as WooCommerce to make sure that your site is competent for eCommerce. These advances make it stress-free for you to lead more traffic to your brand, which eventually helps in improving conversion and sales.


If you want to turn your WordPress site into the forum, you can easily install WordPress plugin.

There are many plugins available to build a forum WordPress site.


Are you a budding blogger and want to share your knowledge and expertise with other people? You need to get on board with WordPress quickly if you haven’t done so already. It will be a big help to you.

Moreover, using WordPress is an effective way to get the best value from backlinking. It offers RSS feed feature which lets other bloggers syndicate your content across other directories and websites.

Cons of Using WordPress Site

There are some downsides of using WordPress which we have discussed below—

Custom Layouts Are Complicated

The first drawback of using a WordPress site is the layouts. They might be personalized, but they can be challenging to navigate through. Same applies for the design process. At times, there might be a possibility that some of the designs won’t be as easily accessible as you need or want them to be.

Restricted Permissions

WordPress doesn’t have many options for setting down permissions and responsibilities. So, you might end up with confused administrator permissions.

If you have a team working on a specific site, you may not want everyone to have the same permissions to modify the site.

This WordPress drawback makes things puzzling in the best-case situation and may keep you wakeful at night doubting if someone will interfere with the work in the worst-case situation.


Being an open-source platform, WordPress is appealing to potential hackers. Maintenance for a WordPress can be daunting and time-consuming, especially for beginners. Improper maintenance can make you easy vulnerable to hackers.

To mitigate the threat, it’s better to be knowledgeable and wise in choosing themes and plugins for your WordPress site. It’s advisable always to assess the quality of a WordPress plugin and set it up with caution.

You can hire professional web design and development company to create your WordPress site professionally, rightly and safely.


Installing the latest updates is vital to the health of your WordPress site, but sometimes it can be a trouble. Premium WordPress themes are improved and updated often. These updates are crucial to maintaining proper security on a WordPress website.

Updates may lead to some minor problems to a site, in such case you may have to go back to an older WordPress condition. These updates may break up some of the functionality on your website.

To prevent this, at Cfactory we examine updates before applying them across clients’ sites and keep a close eye on every site after installing the update.


Some themes have a lot of unnecessary generic code which reduces the speed of the site and lead to slow load times. Without some WordPress expertise and experience, it can be hard to understand which code you need and which one you don’t.

With all the factors mentioned above to consider, we will always suggest you consult with a WordPress professional when creating a WordPress site. Many of the drawbacks listed above could be swept away with the right web agency managing your site.

Pros and Cons of Using WordPress Site— Final Thoughts

With all the WordPress advantages and disadvantages, we recommend WordPress for people who want a beautiful yet simple site without a lot of fuss. Small budgets can take advantage of WordPress’ system because templates, plugins, and extensions are available and affordable.

Overall, WordPress is a great place to start for a blogger, entrepreneur or business of every size, shape and industry who wants to grow a business, reach the target audience and make money.

Ensure to choose the right web agency to help you launch your most user-friendly and secure website for your business.

If you have any query about WordPress hosting or WordPress development, get in touch with us today!

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