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How to Create the Perfect One Page Website?

Zara Corner - 3rd September 2019 - 0 comments

One Page Website — Emerging Trend in the Digital Industry

One Page Website – are becoming popular, mainly because of the rise in mobile device browsing and the ensuing need for impactful, short information. They are perfect for developers, freelancers and companies who need to give a concise summary of their services to potential clients.

More and more companies are choosing them over intricate multi-pages websites to meet their business requirements.

However, knowing what to add in on a one page website isn’t always easy. It seems evident that one-page sites would be much easier to build than the multi-pages one. But in reality, it can often be much trickier and complex to make a one-page visually appealing as well as user-friendly.

The critical challenge is that it takes a whole lot of planning to add everything you want to portray on a single page. Of course, you can make a page as long as you want, but most visitors will walk out after the third scroll.

One-page websites is quite similar to landing pages. They both feature a popping Call to Action (CTA), and candid contact information. When designed and implemented correctly, one-page designs can turn your straggly website into a simplified conversion machine.

The traditional tactic to structuring a website is to include several pages, each full of specific content relating to a particular topic. This approach has always been solid and can be used to build a website with a strong hierarchy and structure.

Mobile browsing among users is increasing. And, that’s why good website speed, ease of navigability and data usage are vital considerations for improving a website’s user experience (UX).

Piles of links relating to navigation in the multi-page site can negatively impact the traffic. However, this is not the case with a one-page website.

The one-page approach aims at pulling to those wanting their website to bring in “double duty” as a conversion machine. It is also an excellent approach for those wishing to build a quick and instructive briefing for a small business venture. That’s why this trend should be followed to make your site stand out from the crowd.

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The Many Benefits of One Page Website

Better Mobile Experience

One of the most significant advantages to having a single-page website is the majority of people perform web searches from a mobile device. Single page websites usually convert much easier to mobile, which makes it easy for users to navigate.

No one has the patience to wait longer than a few seconds for a website to load. As compared to multi-page websites, single page sites load much faster. Also, many people, especially old-aged ones, find it quite difficult to click on additional tabs or pages on smartphones. So, having a single-page website is suitable for them.

Targets a Specific Audience

One-page sites are beneficial for those looking to target a specific audience and deliver them a particular type of user experience. It is simple to restrict their actions on your site and direct them in a specific direction.

All the information you want users to access can exhibit on one-page. Make sure everything presented on your website has a purpose because users will scroll through everything to find out what they are looking for. If they don’t find valuable information, they could easily get turned off!

Higher Page Authority

Links are one of the most significant factors to determine how good a website rank. The advantage that a one-page site has going for it is that every link obtained will point to the main URL. So, there will always be a 1:1 ratio of links to webpages.

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Essential Elements to Design a Perfect One Page Website

We have shared some of the most crucial elements to consider for a compelling and highly converting one-page website.

Determine the Goal of the Website

Before designing your website, it is crucial to understand your website aims to achieve. Accordingly, you should plan its structure.

A one-page website needs to drive the user journey toward a single goal; which could be either—

You should look for the features that might cause visitors to make a quick exit even before they respond to a Call to Action. Like website speed, image loading, etc.

Keep Text the Minimum and Easy to Read

It is important to have concise descriptions of your business’s core products and services. Putting a CTA at the top of your page before leading onto other content might seem counter-intuitive. But the sections below can give the backstory of what you are offering and describe why you are in business. Each succeeding section, if implemented rightly, can further add to that story.

A good, informative description of your core products and services can improve your website’s scroll ability. Without concise summaries of what you are offering, visitors will have no significant reason to convert.

Focus on the reader’s needs, and not merely saying— “We do X, Y, and Z…”.

Write short paragraphs, bold headlines and bullet lists. It catches the reader’s eye. You can do anything else that makes it engaging and easy to understand.

Add ‘Humanity’ and Social Proof Markers

Social proof markers are a great way to show visitors what your business is all about, and, how your products and services impact your already converted customers. It is a vital leveraging element for the majority of websites.

How to Create the Perfect One Page Website

It gives you a way to flaunt your business values less directly. Moreover, it is a brilliant way of adding a more friendly and human touch to your website.

Giving a brief overview of your business, team members and overall company ethos is an excellent way to social proof. You can also testimonials as they give an unbiased ‘thumps up’ from your customers.

You can also incorporate badges and seals related to the security, reputation, trustworthiness, and standing of your business and website. It is especially vital if you use payment gateways on your website.

Make Navigation Easy and Entertaining to Scroll

Few things can severely irritate visitors more than scrolling and navigation issues. You have to be meticulous with long-form one-pagers. The website navigation should have such web design that will make visitors wanting to explore more.

A sidebar menu or horizontal stick menu makes it easier for people to jump to sections or specific areas of interest with a single click.

Add the Correct Call to Action

A Call to Action button leads to a website’s goal. CTA on a one-page website directs people toward a single goal. Your CTA represents the first ‘touch’ element. It could be to make a purchase, sign up for an email list, or anything else that will further your website’s goals.

Not adding a CTA front and center will bore your single-page website of its effectiveness (especially when it comes to conversions). So, don’t hesitate to use it for encouraging the visitor’s action.

Share Precise, Easy-to-Use Contact Information

After applying the above steps, your website should be designed for best customer appeal and better marketing results. The last step is to give prospects a way to contact you. Although these days, majority of website use social media icons instead of a proper contact form. It is not recommended, as it is a less direct mean of communication.

Instead, add an easy to use the contact form will keep the potential customer on your website. Also, it gives them a simplified way to reach you.

C Factory Offers Top-notch One Page Website Design Services

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Several other benefits of one-page websites are worth considering. These sites:

  • Take writing for the web to its natural conclusion, given the need for briefness and straightforwardness.
  • Are typically smooth and lean if created correctly
  • Can be convenient for funneling readers towards an objective and help you attain higher conversion rates.

Your website is a vital flywheel in the machine that is your conversion funnel. You should make sure each element of your one-page website is outstanding, as they all play a crucial role in gaining new clients.

C Factory is a leading web design agency, helping brands to build web presence by creating website designs that drive sales. We also offer a range of digital marketing services designed to enhance brand engagement and drive sales.

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