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How to Build Your Brand with an Effective Web Page Design?

Zara Corner - 4th September 2019 - 0 comments

A Good Web Page Design Can Make or Break Your Brand

Web page design – For startups and businesses, irrespective of their size and industry, web page design and development play a crucial role in their success. After all, eCommerce companies depend significantly on how their target audience and prospects identify them.

No company can contact with their potential customers personally. That is why businesses need to pay much attention to their web design.

Features of Web Page Design Crucial for Engaging Customers

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When attracting customers or prospects, it is vital to remember that each interaction they have with you or your company reflects upon your brand as a whole. Same is with your company’s website.

A web page is not just a place to list services and give contact details. A properly designed website helps visitors know more about your brand aesthetic, ethos and operation style. All these are very important when building engagement and interest.

Making sure your web page design truly represents your brand and company is essential. It helps in maintaining a smooth consistency between what the visitors feel and sees, what they then look forward to and what your company actually delivers.

We have shared some most crucial aspect of web design for drawing in customers or prospects.

Consistent Message

A well-designed website should have brain-friendly creative, user interface and messaging. Your website acts as your lead salesperson. Though the layout design appealing is crucial— a cohesive message that twists from prospecting to closing the sale is a vital component of all marketing collateral, including the website.

Clean and Easy to Navigation

It is essential to have a decent web page design that is easy to navigate. Contact information or forms are accessible on all webpages to let clients quickly contact you.

Don’t forget adding important pages like contact, about, portfolio, products and services, blog or insight page. Adding these pages will let you curate enough informative content and keywords to boost your visibility and reach your clients.

User-Friendly and Responsive

The way internal communication is undergoing a mobile transformation; today’s websites need to be mobile-friendly and responsive. Many site visitors come from mobile devices, so these aspects can’t be neglected at any cost.

Useful Content

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The critical component of a good web page design is giving relevant content that your target audience and customers find informative and valuable. Your web content should convey your value proposition.

Avoid the fuzz and make sure that your content very briefly talks who you are and what you do. Less is more when it comes to SEO-friendly content.

Enriched Message

Simple and clear messaging is the most crucial aspect of a good website. Optimizing your message for your target market and search engines is can enhance page rank, readability and stickiness for your website.

It is also important to keep messages and design consistent across campaigns. Many PPC ads make you go for the website instantly, and once you go there you feel disappointed!

Keep the design aligned and pretty much the same across mediums like a website and a PPC campaign. The PPC ad should take the visitor to that particular product, not the category or any other web page for better results.

Keep Design Consistent

Brands are popular because people care and remember them. Consistency is the answer to make your brand memorable.

It means you need to be consistent in your web design. Use the same formatting, colors, personality, emotions and graphics on every page. People want to see a uniform image throughout your website.

It will also make your website perform better and faster.

Minimal Landing Pages

Earlier, too many landing pages were considered very good and useful. But today, it is crucial to optimize your online ads according to the traffic you are getting on your page and the number of visitors accessing it. Facebook and Google Ads, an excellent example of the design of the call-only campaign, makes some sense when the traditional landing page is removed.

Few people don’t want to go through the whole website, scrolling down or navigating from one page to other. But they need to directly get in touch with the company for serious business. And, this is where the landing page makes a vital sense.

The design of call-only ads should be perfect considering your target audience and what results you are looking at. A fine design inspiration will make things perfect for you and make visitors click on Call to Action button.

Present Value Proposition

First-time visitors will have many questions upon landing on your website. What products or services are your offerings? Can your brand provide solutions to their problems? This is where your value proposition comes in.

A value proposition is a short, precise statement on your page. It should be placed just after the logo and menu, high up on top of the page.

Make sure your value proposition is:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Concise
  • Answer the question of what and why

When designing a web page, step into your audience’s shoes, and question around— “Will the website create value for the desired target audience?” and “Will it prove perceptive for them to use?”. Over the years, countless different design approaches and aesthetics has come and gone.

To design a website that is good— visually and practically— needs hardship and good practice. It takes hard effort and time to step into your audience’s shoes and build something special.

Tips for Effective Web Page Design

website design

Web page design is all about making a website look good and useful. After all, beautifully designed websites do get more attention. People coming across well-designed sites spend more time within its pages to grasp every pixel of visual brilliance web designer’s put into their work.

Looking good may be a necessity for a website. But it should also be engaging, easy-to-use and successful in communicating whatever it is selling or offering— be it an advocacy, a product or a service.

Coming up with a web design that works on different levels takes above just an eye and a flair for aesthetics.

We have shared some top tips to help your web design be as effective as possible—

Keep Users in Mind

Websites are created for their users and prospects. It is only right for web designers to keep users in mind when working on a website.

A website’s visitors or users are its target audience. If you want your website to be effective and successful, you should always consider their demands and requirements.

Whatever they are looking for— whether it is information about your products or services or just entertainment through your content, a website should be able to provide it in the fastest time possible.

The website must be designed in a way that it is easy to use and navigate. An excellent visual hierarchy should be maintained to keep visitors engaging and excited to check out the rest of the website.

Use the Appropriate Tools

Besides Photoshop, many other tools will help you create an effective web design.

Check out how a specific combination of fonts and color scheme would look like on the website you are developing. Work properly on the logo to display prominently on the site. Test it for scalability and balance.

And once you finally have a prototype design, you can use tools like Maze to analyze its performance and get insights from real users as well.

Focus on White Spaces

Many people think that white space as it connects to web design is nothing more than just “empty” space. The word means uselessness. White spaces are anything but useless.

It is also known as ‘negative’ space. It may look like an empty space, but it plays a vital role in delivering a great user experience.

White spaces between visuals, sections and paragraphs are a crucial design element of effective web design. It helps in keeping a web page layout to look clean and cluttered.

The tips mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successful web design, but they are an excellent place to kick off. Implement them to your web design, deliver users with an outstanding browsing experience and notice your business or brand eventually benefit from it.

Get Your Business Noticed with C Factory’s Web Page Design Services

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A successful brand can get you customers, and let you keep them at the same time. By keeping your buyers satisfied with your core products or services, they will stay loyal. Telling them what your brand is all about is the first thing you should do.

Creating a brand makes sense even for small businesses as well as personal blogs and websites. In today’s fierce competition, having a good brand will assist you to get noticed and stand out from the crowd.

Build your brand through web design with C Factory. Our web page design services are solution-oriented. We help our clients to stand out from the crowd with a stunning website. We help your brand get a head start from your competitors.

At C Factory, we not only take care of the website’s look and feel, but our UX designers also create an enriching user experience. We think from the customer’s point-of-view to deliver the best and high-quality website design. This assists us to create a site step by step that are easier to navigate and eventually lead the customer to desired user actions.

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