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How Important Is The Responsive Website Design Today?

Elza - 20th July 2020 - 0 comments

Responsive Web Design – The feature of responsive design has taken over major websites that have more traffic today. This helps them to establish a steady online presence. A web site with responsive web design may be a site that’s able to adapt the screen it’s getting used on, no matter what device it’s. the web site automatically reformats to relinquish the user a far better experience, that’s similar temperament to their device, and might give your site variety of advantages similarly as being in line with Google recommendations.

Responsive web design was introduced back in 2010 and recommended from 2015 onwards, but there are many other updates to web design since that also are of great importance.

Why Responsive Web Design?

In the past few years, the employment of smartphones has grown rapidly. In 2014, only 22% turned to their phone first to browse the net. Only 2/3rds of individuals even owned a smartphone. Since then, the roll-out of 4G internet and other innovations impacted the way people used mobile devices; throughout 2014, 4G subscriptions skyrocketed from 2.7 million to 23.6 million.

By the tip of 2016, mobile web usage had overtaken desktop for the primary time, which just goes to point out what number people browse on smartphones and tablets rather than a laptop or personal computer. This highlighted a dramatic shift in behaviour; with the United Kingdom using their mobile devices to buy online, perform online banking and scroll through social media. Ofcom reported at the time, that 7 in 10 adults use a smartphone, with over-65s now more likely to use one too, because the public becomes even more tech-savvy.

For these reasons alone, it became hugely important to speculate in responsive website design; your business needs a web site that works well on a smartphone or other mobile device screens, because of the sheer number of individuals who may well be using your website through a smartphone or tablet.

Responsive wedsite design| Cfactory

Recommendations by the Search Engine

Google introduced recommendations in 2015 that associated with responsive web design, and started rewarding sites that were fully optimised for mobile platforms. Google began using mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. Businesses began to require note of its importance since that announcement, but now Google has moved on to even bigger heights.

Recently, Google has moved on to the mobile-first indexing strategies. Mobile-first indexing bases ranking and indexing from the mobile version of a site, as critical the desktop version. If you have already got a responsive web design, then you won’t have to modify your websites. this can be the foremost recent effort by Google to further improve mobile web experience.

As of 2018, Google announced that they were migrating sites that followed best practice in mobile-first indexing. within the past, Google crawled and indexed the desktop version of a web site, but they began to note that this caused problems for mobile users. Mobile-first indexing implies that Google now primarily crawl, index and rank the mobile version of the web site. because of this, it’s more important than ever that you just not only have a responsive web design, but also a solid mobile design of your website too.

Responsive Web Design| Cfactory

Perks Of Responsive Web Design

Implementing Responsive Web Design, the content on your website is flexible to be viewed across all devices. Whether you’re viewing a web site on your smartphone or a laptop, it’ll be unified and simple to navigate despite the differing screen sizes. Providing an optimal experience for the user across the board, responsive web design means your user can read and navigate the location with minimum resizing and scrolling.

Responsive web design can improve user experience which can translate into a positive perception of your brand and business. If your customer can access your website easily on all platforms, they’re more likely to return to you for more business within the future and it quite likely means the next conversion rate for your website. in an exceedingly world where such a lot traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s important that you’re accommodating this factor through your website. Sites that are responsive will generally load faster which is probably going to spice up your ranking and reduce your bounce rate. Responsive web design also can make social sharing easier, helping you to grow an even bigger audience for your brand.

SEO campaigns and website maintenance also are a far smoother process with a mobile friendly website. Responsive web design means you merely have 1 website to seem after; it’s also quicker and fewer expensive than making a stand-alone mobile application additionally to your desktop website.

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