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Everything about A Classified Website Design

jabar - 5th June 2019 - 0 comments

What is Classified Website Design?

When someone thinks about a range of profiles and listing to find the new as well as used items that they need at the cheapest cost. Then then classified websites are the next option that pops up in one’s mind. These classified website design will have end-to-end items that range from mobiles to real estates, beauty products to employment. All of them are promoted with a particular heading and little message.

Sometimes, the website owners do provide service or item related details through blogs, articles that can help promoting their business. In the beginning, these ads listings are made available for free in the free classified trial version. Later on, these classified websites allow people to post ads with different pricing packages.

In general terms, a classified site can be defined as the place where people can buy and sell their used products by specific categories and locations.

In this article, we will see in-depth details about a classified website designing.


How Does a Classified Website Design is Created?

If you want to launch a site to promote and sell your products that are used as well as the new one, then you must need to have a classified website. It is because a website can give maximum exposure to your items. But, what if you want to buy a new smartphone at an exchange of your current device. What do you think is it possible to build a website only with this option? Well, it doesn’t sound great instead would be much fine if you do a classified website design having all the above options together, where you can sell or buy new brands, old used items as well as buy something in exchange of your existing item.

These sites are mostly in demand as they can drive a lot of traffic in a very less period. Thus, most of the people opt to build a classified website. There are several ways to monetize these classified sites into traffic, mainly with their free classified ads version for featured ads. These ads will appear in the most prominent layout areas. Mostly found on an upper slider on the homepage or the top of search results.

Certain ways to profit from classified sites include selling banner ads, publishing PPC ads in the empty layout space, promoting affiliate products and much more. To design a classified ad sites most of the website designers make use of several tools utilising WordPress theme as well as bespoke designing. The website designers and developers decide the website platform depending upon the need of the customer.

Generally, a website designer follows the below steps to build a classified website design,

1. Start with a Domain Name:

The domain name places a vital role in any online classified business as this creates a great influence towards the reach of the business. It must be catchy as well as user-friendly that can be easily recognised by anybody. Thus, the domain name must be chosen precisely on the whole should be short and sweet.

This is followed by the decision making towards a popular extension like ‘.com’ if the service is meant for global use or else only for the particular country extension in case if your classified ads site will be narrowed to a specific country.

Once, everything is decided, the web designer proceeds with the domain registration through any of the web hosting service providers.

2. Pick a WordPress Theme or Bespoke Design:

Once the domain name is registered, it’s the time to customize the Classified ads site. Before proceeding with this, it is the responsibility of a web designer to decide whether the website needs to be built with a WordPress classifieds theme or with a bespoke design depending upon the customer’s requirement.

Let’s see how does a website designer move on with both the criteria.

WordPress Theme: If the customer prefers to go with the WordPress theme, then the designer will search for an appropriate theme and do the customization where ever needed. Here, will decide as to how to organize the landing page, website appearance with colour pattern, adding and removing the features and much more.

Everything about A Classified Website Design

The WordPress Classified Theme allows to make minimal usage of coding and also enable the designer to effortlessly monetize the classified ads website by offering ad spots and permitting to post entries in various package.

Bespoke Design: If the customer needs the classified website with some additional customization, then the web designer with go for a bespoke design. In a bespoke website platform, web development is done with end-to-end coding.

Depending upon the selected platform, the homepage and other related pages of classified are designed. The most essential links are given in a menu and submenu items. Once the menu items are added, they include the classifieds listing on the website. With this, they will also go for the support of high-quality images by adding them on classified items.

3. Placement of Location

These classified websites get the mostly prioritized if there is an addition of location. This can be done with the addition of google maps. Thus, web designers make use of this option. Once this google map gets updated, the customers can see the location and this can help in attracting the traffic.

Website Design

4. Search Engine Optimization

The website designers see to it that the website has been created in a user-friendly manner so that can be responsive while doing SEO.

Concerning SEO, they make use of the keywords in the website, and even they use the images that can grab maximum traffics. Thus, by making use of these responsive designing, the SEO ranking can be listed in the top.

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