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Does PPC Increase SEO Ranking?

Zara Corner - 3rd October 2019 - 0 comments

Better SEO Ranking Leads to More Revenue

SEO RankingPPC or Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. If you correctly launch the PPC ad campaign, it can help you significantly to reach more qualified leads and generate more revenue in a short time.

But how does PPC actually impact SEO Ranking?(Search Engine Optimization) First, let’s understand the basics of SEO and PPC strategy.

When we talk about SEO, we are talking about organic traffic. Or, in simple words, traffic that comes to your website organically, and not from advertisements. This takes place when users click on organic search results.

Using a series of algorithms, Google decides the order of all search results. Professional SEO experts know how to rank sites better in search results by sending more qualified traffic to websites.

seo website

Whereas, PPC advertising drives quality traffic to a site through paid advertisements. With Google AdWords, marketers target relevant keywords and pay to make sure their brand and message are visible before the organic, Google- defined search results. You will only pay when the user clicks on your ad.

Does PPC Really Help in Boosting SEO Ranking?

“Does PPC Increase SEO Ranking?” – is the most asked question of businesses.

As a business owner or marketing head at a company, Cfactory understands your ultimate goal.

You want to boost your bottom line.

The answer to the title is “NO”. PPC doesn’t help with SEO results— at least not directly!

Here is what Google says—

“The key responsibility of Google is to provide the best and most relevant possible results to the search users. If businesses and organizations were able to pay for higher Google SEO ranking in the search results, users wouldn’t be finding the information they are looking for.”

In this article, you will learn that there are indirect advantages of PPC for SEO.

So, how can PPC indirectly benefit or impact SEO rank?

According to Moz, some indirect benefits and impacts can include—

  • Users who see your PPC ad are more likely to click on your organic search results.
  • Users who have previously seen your brand are more likely to click and convert.
  • Searches with high paid traffic can help in organic CTR
  • Paid ad links can result in higher website traffic, which can even lead to more site exposure through media or social media coverage.

As a part of its ranking algorithms, Google also uses traffic and website interaction. So, if your Google AdWords PPC are effective and driving quality site traffic, your website’s organic ranking could experience an indirect benefit.

If you are considering unleashing the power of digital marketing or considering adding an additional strategy, you can count on Cfactory. We would love to talk you through it and assist you with the best digital marketing services.

How Does PPC Impact SEO Ranking?

As a business owner, you want to make sure that every aspect of a digital marketing campaign is working together for the advantage of your business.

Before investing your hard-earned money and time in paid advertising, you probably want to know how PPC will impact your website’s ranking— positively or negatively?

Will searchers find your business when looking, or will they land up somewhere else? Should you focus on SEO optimization, PPC, or both?

You will find the answer to these questions in this article.

The truth is— PPC doesn’t directly impact SEO; however, it does indirectly impact SEO.

If you want to maximize your results with your marketing plan, it’s better to use both SEO and PPC in conjunction with one another.

So, how does PPC impact SEO rank?

PPC Ads Lets You to Maximize Search Results

Usually, PPC ads can be seen at the top of the Google search results. When user searches, they see PPC ads first.

Together with SEO, PPC ads assist your business get more space in search engine rankings.

seo ranking

No matter is someone skips past the ads and goes directly to the organic search results— they will still see your business’s listing there too. This helps in creating a double exposure— both your organic listing as well as a paid listing.

This maximizes the possibility that people will click one of your listings and go to your business’s website to know more.

The double exposure helps in making your audience more “influenced” towards your business. By seeing your business many times in the results, you should offer reliable products and services.

Combining PPC and SEO is extremely helpful because it leads to more traffic to your website and encourages people to trust and get engaged with your business.

PPC Helps You Find More Helpful Organic SEO Keywords

Keyword targeting is a vital part of your PPC and SEO tactics. You should target the right keywords to appear in more relevant search results.

Keyword ranking is very crucial, especially in content marketing.

SEO takes time to show results, which makes it quite challenging to evaluate the success of your target keywords.

PPC gives you immediate results, so you can identify which keywords are driving traffic and which ones are not. This lets you optimize your SEO targeting to drive even better results.

Using PPC keyword information to enlighten your SEO campaigns assists you to understand what your prospects want and the keywords or search phrases they use.

Rather than waiting to find out whether your SEO keyword optimizations drive results or not, you can use PPC data to observe quickly and make needed modifications to your SEO campaigns.

PPC Creates Brand Awareness that Leads Searchers to Click Organic Listings

PPC ads direct click to your site. On clicking on your PPC ads, searchers are directed to your landing page to know more about your brand or business.

Even if people don’t perform the needed action, still people will get the awareness of your brand through PPC ads.

When they look for similar products or services in the future, they are likely to remember your business— and moreover, they will be more probable to click on your organic search listings over competitor’s listings.

Furthermore, as leads get more acquainted with your business, they are more probable to engage and click on your organic content in the future. This will help in increasing quality website traffic, and eventually conversions for your business.

Thus, PPC ads develop brand awareness that will direct to organic search traffic in the future.

PPC Helps You Increase Reach to More Local Leads

seo webReaching local customers is a vital part of any business’s marketing plan.

Many people perform local searches to locate businesses offering the products or services they are looking for. With PPC ads in local searches, you can boost local leads on your site.

When any user performs a local search, the first thing they will see is your PPC ad. Majority of local searches are carried out on mobile devices, so PPC ads fill up the majority of the screen, followed by Google My Business listings.

Putting your PPC ad gains instant attention to your business. If someone sees your PPC ad, and if they click on it— its good, and even if they skip it and scroll down further, they will observe your Google My Business listing. And if they flick through past that, too, they might even see your website in the organic listings.

This generates a triple exposure where searchers keep finding your business. It will direct them to be sure that your local business is the most reliable solution for them. This will eventually lead more people to click on your website and boost your organic ranking.

How to Improve Your Website SEO Rank With PPC?

We have discussed top ways PPC can help you reach your target audience and improve your SEO ranking—

Increase Visibility on SERP

Do you know that the top results displayed on most SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are PPC ads?

To ensure your prospects always see you first, you should not overlook PPC.

It’s great if you managed to rank first for your target keyword’s organic search result. But, it’s even more essential to run PPC ads for target keywords that you are not yet ranking for organically.

It is an easy way to boost your visibility on SERP before your SEO hard work pays off.

Ruling both organic as well as paid search results will offer the thought that you have a recognized presence in your market.

Drive Links and Traffic for SEO using PPC

SEO depends chiefly on content. It’s what drives links, traffic, and domain authority. But to make that happen, you need people to read, link and share your content.

PPC is an easy, yet most effective way to promote your content to a larger group of targeted audience who would never look at it otherwise. Also, it is a cost-efficient because you are placing bid on different types of keywords than conversion-based campaigns.

The beauty of the paid promotion is that you have to choose whom to show your content to.

Based on browsing activity, you can target audiences. Social networks allow you to target particular job titles or interests.

It’s a quick way to link building. Instead of sending tons of emails to your target audience and prospects to make them explore your offered products and services, use ads to show it.

If your product is good – which it should be – viewers will see and share with their audiences, driving quality traffic and links – both of which lift your domain authority for enhanced SEO.

Nurture Past Visitors Using PPC Retargeting

Retargeting is something that PPC can do, but SEO can’t. Retargeting is a way to target users that have interacted or engaged with your brand before either on your social media, website or email.

Gaining organic search traffic is a difficult task.

It takes a very long time to get that top position for your target keyword, but the sad news is, only 2 per cent of first-time visitors converts.

That’s where PPC retargeting comes into play. Retargeted ads help push prospects when the timing is right.

Even if they don’t buy from your site, you remind them of your brand with ads on YouTube or Facebook.

You should target visitors of dedicated landing pages you created to boost SEO rather than targeting website visitors in general.

Use PPC Target Audience Details to Refine SEO Ranking Strategy

A significant part of PPC occurs on social media, providing opportunities for highly targeted advertising.

You should perform an SEO audit, check your web page speed and see how your page ranks.

Leading social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram allow you to target not just by location and age, but also by browsing history, interests, and much more.

Put in the country you are advertising to, and then accordingly, you can segment your audience by age, behaviour, interests, gender, education, work, and more.

Use PPC as a testing ground for SEO

The biggest drawback of SEO is it takes time to show results.

All the optimizations you make, new content you write, and backlinks you build won’t work immediately.

On the other hand, with PPC, you can bid on a new target keyword or modify your ad copy, make it live, and get useful data just a few minutes later.

SEOFor instance, from Google AdWords, you can see—

  • Which keywords are getting the most clicks?
  • Which keywords and web pages have a better-quality score?
  • What are the exit rates, bounce rates and time on page?

These details will help you understand how your audience is reacting to your content? It also tells about how your content will perform with organic visitors, how influencing is your headline, how precise are your meta descriptions, are your title tags working, etc. and accordingly you can tweak your content.

Since PPC and SEO share common factors, the trick to profiting from both is to learn from both. Analysing campaign data and comparing notes lets you perfect SEO and PPC efforts to boost conversion rates.

If you need assistance in creating PPC ads, doing SEO, and developing a strategy that lets them work with one another to advance your long-term goals, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We know that marketing your business online can be a daunting and mystifying task, and we are more than happy to assist you in growing your business!

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