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All About Building the Best Real Estate Websites in UK

Monica Joann - 4th July 2019 - 0 comments

Different Types of The Best Real Estate Websites in UK

Building a website is something very important for any business to reach out to the customers. Thus, it must be created in an approachable manner. Before proceeding with the website creation, it is must to identify the need of the business which varies from one another. Every website is ideal in its own way, i.e., most of the time, the concept will be the same, but the business is approached by a different set of people. Yes! It does seems to be somewhat confusing, but that’s true as this is an exact case with the best real estate websites in UK.

Let’s explore this concept in detail with the help of the property websites. As already said before, when it is about an online property website, its design can be approached in two different ways. One, it can be designed as per the broker/realtors/agent’s point of view or else as per the real estate firm/builder’s point of view.

To have a professional approach to a property portal, these property websites are designed either on CMS (WordPress) or else on a bespoke website platform. Whatever be the portal, the design follows the same concept of selling and renting the property, but the modules used in the website makes a difference.

Real Estate Websites

Independent Real Estate Agent/Realtors/Brokers Website

When a real estate property website is built for an agent. You can be sure that as it is a demanding business it can provide you with a limited time to get involved with the technology and digital world. However, this limited gap can be utilized with an excellent website that can help you perform better and smarter. These websites will have some additional functionalities such as the overall rental and sale properties listed, house prices in sq. Ft as per the area, etc.

Real Estate Firms or A Builder’s Website: When a real estate property website is built for a builder or a real estate firm, it will mainly deal with the functionality concerning properties for sale with their portfolio. This is because these builder’s firms will mainly focus on the sales and rental of their building or properties. And they will not deal with any in between agent to sell or rent their property.

All About Building

C Factory: Best Real Estate Website in UK

C Factory is a website development company that has designed and delivered many best real estate websites in UK.

Our websites are robust yet easy to handle. We mainly see to it that our designs and functionality must be easy and professional with pixel perfect images. Must be compatible with all kind of devices.

Our websites provide you with easy navigation, bug-free, self-manageable, cost-effective real estate website development service. All this can strengthen the digital side of your business and help your business to move forward to the next level

We offer our real estate website developers to design each and every step diligently. Even, if you want your existing website to refurbish, we do offer that service too and ensure it to be future ready and equipped with all the necessary features.

Best Real Estate Websites in UK

Let’s see in detail with the benefits of developing a real estate website with C Factory.

  • SEO Friendly: While designing your website, we offer SEO friendly site. This includes the complete optimization of your site. Thus, when the SEO is performed to obtain high ranking for your site, our website will easily pop-up in the list with minimal SEO work.
  • Branding: When it is about branding, we take at most care as branding plays a vital role in grabbing customer’s attention. While designing the logo, we keep your product or service into consideration. Our logo will be so apt to your business that people can remember you with your logo before your company’s name.
  • Responsive to all devices: Our websites are responsive towards all devices no matters whether it’s a mobile or a laptop. The primary reasons for being responsive are,
  • Easier for subscribers to read on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Text, images, and buttons automatically get adjusted to the devices
  • Multi-column layouts that are adjusted to a single column
  • Easily accessible content with both a mouse and a touchscreen
  • Cost-Effective: As a reliable web designing company, we believe in a long-term relationship with our client. Thus, we provide all our services at a reasonable price. We do ensure you our service with no compromise against quality.
  • Forever Support: We believe that every website needs support throughout the business. Thus, we offer complete support before and after designing your website. We also provide you with guidance if needed, apart from our servicing.

Our web design and development services are well-suited for both small as well as medium-sized businesses. We provide you with both simple base-level websites to the dynamic website as per the client request with the best quality.

Thus, with the above article, you must have obtained a clear idea about what is a real estate website designing when you experience it with C Factory.

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