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Facebook Database, London

What we did

Ecommerce / Web Design / UX Design

Facebook Database illustrates that, they can create that customer vision by transforming there dreams into a living space ranging from an extra bedroom to a new office, may be even that games room. Unlike any extension or conservatory, it will not take away any additional portion from your outdoor space.

We at Facebook Database will guide you through some of the best website design possibilities for the exterior and interior process leading to completion. Our company also offer other web design services such as garage conversions, kitchen/diner conversions, house renovations and general building services.

We specialize in conversions for flats and loft space. Our key to any extension project is to listen to our clients and advise, then project manage from start to completion. Facebook Database being one of the masters in the field of construction is one the highly satisfied client for us.

They believe that, better progressive design utters the most of their construction jobs that makes their purpose through our design with their web creation. C Factory Ltd being one of the best productive web  designer for the web design services in London.

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