Biella UK fabrics is the best fabric and always tell a new customer by the amazed look. The first step is to pick up a shopping cart and start in the trim and notions area. They are defined to be the best fabrics in UK, a creative site for a textile and garment web design, should be highly innovative and creative. We are entitled by Biella fabrics to be the best web, graphic and UX designer.


Biella UK Fabrics, London

What we did

Graphic design / Web design / UX Design

We made sure, our perfective design has stunned the crowd of users, and the creative design for Biella fabric has made a remarkable change in their terms of business. Biella UK illustrate that, they are to be textile agency was founded in 2002 with the aim of bringing quality fabrics to the UK. We supply to all levels of the market, from high street brand to luxury designer.

Over the years, our client base has expanded throughout Northern Europe to include Scandinavia, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. We are an international team with a passion for fashion and fabrics. The creative bespoken web design offered by C Factory is defined by them as the best online service providers. Biella fabric is the utter most satisfied client for us.

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