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An Ultimate Guide to What is SEO?

Monica Joann - 1st July 2019 - 0 comments

An Evergreen Concept: What is SEO and Its Importance?

Well, today in this fast-moving generation, it is essential for everybody to place their identity. When it comes to any business whether a retailer store or online business, it is must to withstand in the long run. All this is possible with the execution of proper marketing. Today, almost all the businesses have transformed into online with the trending concept of SEO. Now, you must be thinking as to what is SEO?

The term SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the recent technique of driving targeted website organic traffic to any website from search engine. This can eventually improve the ranking in the search engine result’s algorithm. A recent study shows that the websites on the first page of any search engine receive almost 95% of clicks, and as the results move higher and higher, the page receives an increased click-through rate (CTR), and more traffic.

What is SEO? It can be defined as the improvement of unpaid search results.

The algorithm of SEO is considered to be an organic way of online marketing, where the search results are obtained with the two main techniques: On-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. The algorithmic organic search results are those that appear directly below the top pay-per-click adverts (i.e., the aid ads) in Google.

The optimisation of any website includes the editing of each content that is present in the website. This includes images, video, content, HTML coding and other related coding that can increase its relevance to specific keywords. It also includes the promotion of a site to increase the number of backlinks or inbound links.

seo submission

The search engines perform the process of optimisation to improve the search engine ranking result of a site. SEO is the most exhausting, time-consuming, but very powerful internet marketing technique, where the computer programmed algorithms tell about the search engine behaviour. This tells us as to what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and what search engines need to be used for their targeted audience.

The main goal of SEO is to receive more visitors from a search engine result page (SERP) when the search engines perform the task to crawl the web pages. If the website has genuine products and services, these visitors can be converted into customers.

What is SEO and All About the Search Engine Algorithms

When it is about SEO, not all SEO is equally good as certain SEO techniques consume much time to produce results, but they are later proven to be effective in the long run. Whereas, some of the procedures work much faster but may end up leaving your site in a bad situation that it might be difficult for your site to start again.

Well, in the beginning of introducing the concept of SEO, the webmaster (the people who maintains a particular website or the admin of a site) said that the SEO is ineffective, but later it was proven to be incorrect as the search engine is intelligent enough to separate the good and bad sites from millions of sites. All this is done with the help of Google algorithms. These algorithms can also be called as the protocols (the step-by-step procedures), that can allow the website to be listed on the top with an organic search result.

Let see more in-depth details about Google algorithms.

1: Google Panda:

What is Google Panda? – This is the one amongst the most common protocol which evaluates the websites based on the quality of their content, i.e., it sees to it that whether the content quality relevant to the website or not. Here, the pages with high-quality content that shows its uniqueness are rewarded with higher google ranking positions and vice versa. It is the concept that comes under on-page optimisation.

Points that can affect Google Panda

a) Thin content: The general meaning of a thin content refers to the content that is with little or no added values. It doesn’t mean that the content must be useless with no meaning. Instead, it must provide an explicit answer to the user’s search query.

As far as Google is concerned, the thin content of a page is classified with duplicate content, affiliate and scraped content, automatically generated content and doorway pages. Sometimes, apart from these criteria’s, the search engine still marks the content as a thin content if the answered user’s query is not relevant.

b) Low-quality content: Here, the content is analysed depending upon the formation of the sentence, i.e., if the content is poorly formatted with grammatical errors and distracting images, the design can create a negative impact on a user experience, etc.

c) Useless and Untrustworthy content: These are the contents that are no good to be in your websites, i.e., the kind that doesn’t help the users in any way.

d) Duplicate text: This directly refers to as ‘duplicate content’, but Google Panda only checks and targets on the copied chunks of text. It will not include the images and videos (except on YouTube). They are fair games.

Here, it is fine to reuse the small bits of text as quotes if they are properly marked as quotes in context. It is not recommended to reuse the text and passing it off as your original work.

e) Article spinning: It is something done to avoid the issues with duplication of content which is done by rewriting text from another site. The spinning of content mostly lowers the quality of content.

Recovery Process

If you ever get a thought that your website might get hit by Panda, then it is better to crosscheck with all the possibilities of panda and improve the quality of your content.

Well, it is important to have a check with all the pages, but have prioritised the page that needs more work and sees to it that you remove all the offends users and the algorithms and place the more of the content that can grab the approval.

2: Google Penguin:

What is Google Penguin? – It is the second algorithm that can affect the updates the most. This penguin algorithm has a lot in common with Panda, but its evaluation towards the website is different – their link profile. Here, the site’s ranking gets positively affected with the backlinks, if:

  • They are placed on the page depending upon the event related to your linked pages
  • They are placed with the content related to your linked pages
  • They pointed to you from trustworthy sources
  • They are from multiple different domains

On the contrary, the dubious links from shady sources will provide a negative impact on your ranking.

What is SEO

Points that can affect the Penguin –

a) Buying Links: It’s a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines to get the links in exchange for money or product. Yes! Sometimes to obtain rank highly some people give money to promote their link in other websites. This can raise the ranking, but if caught by the search engine, it can even lead to the blocking of your site.

b) Lack of anchor text diversity: The other factor that affects the quality of your link profile is the text inside the backlinks. If this backlink text is the same everywhere, it will give instructions to Google to make an attempt to manipulate your ranking.

c) Low quality of links: A backlink can silent the penguin protocol if it is surrounded by a low-quality or contradictory data to the linked page. Well, it is not always possible to control who links to you, but you can do all possible things to get rid of links that can harm your website.

d) Keyword stuffing: keyword! Something that is too essential in the content. This is mainly in the case of on-page content. Here, the penguin watches for any unnatural use of keywords with its keyword research The same way the use of keywords should also be in a specific limit as per the protocols. The unnecessary usage of keywords can create long and meaningless content, which is of no good for content marketing. Thus, the search engine while crawling the site can block the site if caught under this penguin.

Recovery Process –

The easiest way to do this recovery process is to scan your site with WebCEO’s Backlink Quality Check tool.

If you find the unnecessary usage of keywords, backlinks, etc. then if possible, you can remove them manually. If this option can’t work out, there’s a Google Disavow tool to proceed with.

Once, everything is done can scan your site’s pages with WebCEO’s Landing Page SEO tool to check for the quality of content concerning the keywords.

3. Google Pigeon:

What is Google Pigeon? – The Google Pigeon is updated and aimed to improve the ranking of local listing in a search. It is useful for both the user and local businesses.

For the website’s ranking, Google Pigeon relies on factors such as location and distance from the user: the closer, the higher. This alters the local listings in the search results, along with the local directory sites.

Points that can affect the Post-Pigeon SEO –

Well, as this algorithm works on the concept of less distance higher ranking. You can’t do anything about the distant users. But, you can attract the users who are closer to you by making your site appear higher in search.

What is SEO

With the below point you can strengthen your ranking position with normal SEO,

  1. Create great content with high quality that can be related to your products and services
  2. Make use of the keyword that includes your location
  3. Have an optimised version site for any mobile device
  4. Build links from reputable sources

Optimising for the local search algorithm,

  1. Create content with the usage of text, images, and videos that are strongly associated with your location
  2. Creating listings on business directories
  3. Including name, address, phone number citations in the business directory listings and on your own sites
  4. Obtaining positive reviews and testimonials from customers.


4: Google Hummingbird:

What is Google Hummingbird? – The concept of Hummingbird is also the same as Panda and Penguin, but it is somewhat not as direct as others. 

It aims is to improve the search result by interpreting the user intent behind the query. It makes the algorithm to return to the webpages that would be most qualified for the task.

Points that can affect the post-Hummingbird SEO

Hummingbird algorithm is greatly emphasised on natural language queries, considering the context and meanings over individual keywords.

It sees to every website content more deeply as on individual pages level, with an improved ability that can lead the users directly to the page rather than directing them to the website’s homepage.

Where can your user experience the search-friendly keywords and phrases?

  1. You can place them where the people interested in the subject hang out, such as blogs, Q&A platform, forums, Wikipedia, and social media.
  2. Keyword finder tool: Ubersuggest, WebCEO’s keyword suggestions, Soovle, and Answer The Public.
  3. Google search suggestion section.

5. Google Payday Loan

What is Google Payday Loan? – Well, Google Payday Loan shares some of the few things in common with Google Panda and Google Penguin, but it is not the same.

This protocol was rolled out in 2013 when Google decided to drain the swamp of casino, pornographic, and high-interest loan sites. This was a straightforward and simple update that can filter out the low-quality website that was using several spam techniques to boost their rankings with the keywords such as casino, pornographic, high-interest loan sites, etc.

Google Payday Loan is an algorithm where the data is refreshed for the Google search engine to identify and penalize the web sites that utilise the search engine spam technique to improve their ranking position. This is known as Black Hat SEO or spamdexing.

6. Google Mobile-Friendly update (Mobilegeddon):

Google has released a new mobile algorithm on April 21st, 2015, that focuses on providing a mobile-friendly website that can boost the smartphone search results. This algorithm has been named as ‘Mobilegeddon’.

There are certain ways to test this as to whether your site is already indexed by Google as a mobile-friendly website or not.

  1. Mobile-friendly testing tool
  2. Checking your mobile usability reports with Google Webmaster Tools.
  3. Is your site contain a mobile-friendly label in mobile searches?

This Mobilegeddon update is somewhat more important and worth than Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. This literally means that the search result will be affected by this algorithm update with more than 11%.

This mobile algorithm can evaluate on a page-by-page basis. Here, some of your pages could be not mobile-friendly. This algorithm runs in real-time across sites.

Things that can affect the post-Mobilegeddon SEO

First, make a note that whether your mobile is user-friendly or not. Generally, any website needs to meet a certain requirement to be considered as mobile-friendly. 

  • Responsive design: Here, a website is designed in such a way that it can automatically adjust itself to any screen display size. Even can remove its need to zoom in or scroll sideways.
  • Large font: You can also save the users time by making the font text larger than the normal PC screen. You can make it even much larger than the present font. This can catch the visitor’s attention and motivate them to keep scrolling.
  • No unplayable elements: There are some type of contents that are not supported by certain devices. So, it is better to avoid such sentences.
  • No unwanted elements: Mostly, the popups that all of a sudden covers the entire web page when you are browsing the site peacefully are considered to the UX killer. It is found that the users will much appreciate the popups that are easy to close. The exceptions are the notifications that have a good reason to block elements.
  • Space between interactive elements: It is always better to make the appearance and placement of buttons, checkboxes or the likes on a page somewhat bigger. Even its better to have a certain space in between.
  • No separate website: It is always better to focus on making a primary domain to be a mobile-friendly one instead of creating many other related websites. Performing SEO in this can provide ranking as well as save time and effort.SEO

But, for any reason, if you need a separate website, you can have one, but make sure that all the links in that sub-domain websites are working properly. So, when the SEO is performed on these sub-domain websites, the results can be redirected to the main site without effecting the main domain site.

  • Loading Speed: Web page’s loading speed was not a ranking factor previously. But, today it is one among an essential ranking factor. Even it is more important for the sites that are mobile-friendly.

These sites can be loaded quickly with the help of image optimisation and no excessive code.

  • Image Optimisation: Images consume a lot of time for loading due to its kilobytes or megabyte packing. Thus, it is very important to reduce the file size as much as possible, preserving their quality. Here, you can pick the most optimal formats for your images and compress them.
  • No excessive code: For any website to browse faster, it is better to have less code in a page. Thus, make your pages do their jobs with minimum HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other kinds of code. The method of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the best example of this.

7. Google Fred:

What is Google Fred? – This is an algorithm that has been designed to target the black-hat tactics.

The black hat SEO is one among the most popular practice that is against the search engine guidelines. It is used to get a site ranking higher in a search result. Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking and use of private link networks. 

Google Fred mainly looks for excessive ads, low-value contents, and websites that usually offer very little user benefits.

What activates Google Fred?

  1. Aggressive advertisement: This concept helps the websites to emphasise the content over ads revenue.
  2. Thin, low-value content: If a better content was found somewhere else.
  3. Poor user experience: This is the case where sometimes the ad covers the entire web page screen, which is not optimised as well as with user-friendly navigation for the mobile version.


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