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The Need of Magento Theme in E-commerce

Monica Joann - 28th June 2019 - 0 comments

The World of E-commerce with Magento Theme

Magento Theme

Today everybody is mesmerised with the world of digital technology. Everybody wants to experience the comfort being at home whether could be a business or shopping. Capturing these intentions of people, many e-commerce shopping sites have been introduced. And to build an attractive shopping site, the Magento platform is used with its unique Magento theme.

Yes! Magento platform, the most common ecommerce platform for any e-commerce sites. Magento is an ideal platform dedicated completely for e-commerce site building. Being, an open source technology, it allows the online merchants to experience a flexible shopping cart system that eventually provides control over the look, content, and functionality of the entire online store.

Magento is used by over a million online stores and marketplaces and also trusted by large as well as smaller business owners. Magento is a scalable, high-performance platform that offers great ecommerce themes and templates to the users. The main feature of Magento is that it offers powerful marketing, catalog management tools, and search engine optimisation.

Magento platform offers a wide variety of plug-ins and themes that can allow the user to experience the task with ease. Generally, an e-commerce platform covers a lot of aspects to the online store. These different categories of online stores include clothes store, fashion stores, etc. When it is about customising the functionality, it all depends upon the designer whether he/she needs to change the appearance entirely (with the help of coding) or just need some modifications.

Today, Magento platform for e-commerce is available in two version – Magento 1 and Magento 2. The functionality is the same in both the version but when it comes to the user interface, Magento 2 is more user-friendly.

Magento Theme: An Affiliated Marketplace for E-commerce

The Magento theme is categories into a normal e-commerce site and a marketplace affiliated system. The normal e-commerce category refers to anyone particular shopping site where you can directly do purchase the products. Whereas, an e-commerce affiliated marketplace is a site where you can purchase the product from a product page of any shopping site after comparing it from different shopping sites.

This Magento marketplace affiliate system gets rewards for each unique click and also for the purchase made by the visitors. With this module, you can send the request to become an affiliate partner of any seller. These sellers can manage their affiliate users from their end. The premium Magento themes are available with the multi-purpose category.

Let’s explore more with the list of top Magento themes,

Magento Theme: Oregon

Magento Theme in E-commerce

The best way to ensure the success of any business is to have a website which is organized and professional. The Oregon Magento theme provides the users with a concise, yet functional layout that will make it easy to navigate through the products search by category.

This theme is consisting of all the features that are standard and are present in a modern e-commerce web store. These include responsive design, mobile and mega menus, a daily deal module, image sliders, and much more. This template is highly customisable so that can add some extra stuff to improve your ecommerce store.


This theme is designed for larger businesses. Bigsale is considered to be one of the top go-to templates for Magento users. It has been featuring over six pre-made layouts, different header and footer styles, a cart module by Ajax, category filters, lookbooks, mobile menus, mega menu, quick view, and full customisation.

This theme has everything that can grab the attention of customers. It’s simple navigation and clean layout makes it so pleasurable for the designers at the admin level as well as at the end user experience level.


It is a theme that ensures the best appearance with the collection of stunning visual elements. This theme is with the highlighting of big and bold homepage images. Here, the template holds no punches in getting its point across.

Hoker is available with ‘A’ page speed score and an average loading time of 1.9 seconds.

Game Store

This theme can range in scope from generic to highly specialised ecommerce platform. Game store is an example of the style of niche themes that are available to the users. Featuring pre-made demos that cover an entire rundown of different video game system.

This theme makes quick work of the initial setup process. The theme has a fully responsive design with fully customizable elements, cloud zoom, Ajax cart.


This theme is highly animated and interactive. Its featuring product images are literally pop and text that appears to be extremely exotic. You can have all of the functionalities with the clean layout. Even they are customisable up to the wazoo.

Lavante can be used easily for a latest ecommerce project. It includes a responsive design, mobile menus, v-mega, blog module, product sliders, and much more.


This template comes with over six layout styles. It is designed to be responsive that it can work on any size of the screen with high-definition retina readiness. Even the blog over here comes in handy manner that attracts the new customers.

One of the main features of Eren is that it highlights all the products that need to be sale with the layout design to make the product pop up.

I hope, this article would have given you some idea about Magento e-commerce platform and its theme. Even, you must have been well aware of the impact it has created on the Affiliate e-commerce marketplace.


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