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All You Need to Know about WordPress Ecommerce

jabar - 30th April 2019 - 0 comments

A Journey Towards WordPress Ecommerce

WordPress is an easy way to have a better time to open an online business. WordPress site helps the website owners with the WordPress theme and array of tools to set up a complete eCommerce store for selling a physical and digital product of all kinds. WordPress is the platform that can help you to create an online storefront in a few steps despite being an experienced web developer or a complete newcomer.

Before getting an in-depth journey with WordPress eCommerce, it is must to know more all about WordPress and E-commerce in general.

What is WordPress?

website wordpress

Nowadays, there are many different platforms available in the market to create your website easily. Even WordPress is an online, open source website creation platform or a tool where you can create your website. However, while competing with other website designing platform, WordPress is appreciated by most of the people due to its immense user-friendly options.

You might be thinking that is there an option which is available with other website tools too. Although, with WordPress, this option is open widely for the users where he/she can handle anything by their own without the help of a website developer.

WordPress has been developed with the PHP language. And it is considered to be the most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce is the platform where the activity of buying or selling products on online services or over the internet. It can be referred to as commercial transactions that have been conducted online. It means that whatever you buy and sell making use of the internet, that is eCommerce.

Electronic commerce brings in on technologies such as mobile commerce, online transaction processing, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, etc.

WordPress Support the eCommerce to Become WordPress Ecommerce

Today eCommerce is marked as of the booming industries in the world. A variety of platforms are available to entrepreneurs who are looking for their own piece of online real estate. Whatever be the platform whether it is a large eCommerce platform or a smaller niche marketplace for with a particular goods, everybody has to host an online store for a monthly or annual fee that offers a simple store setup with a certain amount of storage space.

about WordPress Ecommerce

Although, the store you open on these eCommerce sites is owned by you but, if somehow, the hosting site crashes or closes, the options for customising your store and controlling its content are limited by the eCommerce platform’s terms of service and tools.

When you buy an online store with WordPress hosting, the reliable hosting provider gives you complete control over every aspect of your site and its content. If you have no idea about web designing to work with WordPress core codes, the eCommerce store will provide you with the array of free and premium WordPress eCommerce themes, templates and plugins available from WordPress and third-party developers from around the world.

To function properly and provide the kind of shopping experience, nowadays the people prefer the WordPress online store to be visually appealing, secure, and user-friendly. This means that the platform needs to offer WordPress users all the needed features such as live chat, customer accounts and profiles and options for easy digital download, to have a perfect online shopping.

Choose Proper Theme for Your Store

When you have decided to buy a store from the WordPress eCommerce site, it is your responsibility to select an appropriate theme for your store. So, once you are done with the installation of WordPress it’s your turn to select a theme. There are hundreds of eCommerce WordPress theme options available from the WordPress directory.

These themes can be purchased or even downloaded for free from third-party developer asset’s marketplace. Many of these themes are specially designed to support the eCommerce ventures with many different features for show-casting both digital and physical goods.

All About WordPress eCommerce Plugin

WordPress ecommerce

You can find a large number of WordPress eCommerce plugins available in the market. But all of them cannot be the correct one that suits your website. For instance, some eCommerce plugins are built for selling digital goods such as music, eBooks, etc whereas some other plugins get a suit for selling physical products for shipping.

For any drop shipping business, the WordPress eCommerce is the best solutions to provide better support. Usually, before going for an eCommerce plugin, it is necessary for you to have an idea about what kind of features you would need in your online store.

Let’s see certain essential factors that need to be looked upon while choosing an eCommerce platform.

  • Payment Solution: It is one of the major factors where your eCommerce plugin must have support for your preferred payment gateways as default.
  • Design and customisation: Before buying any products, it is the store design that grabs the attention of a customer. Thus, make sure that there is an availability of many templates and easy customisation options.
  • Apps and integrations: There is an availability for third-party apps such as email marketing services, accounting software, CRM software, etc. These apps are made into use to manage and grow an eCommerce business more effectively.
  • Support options: It is better to make sure the availability of support options as good support can save a lot of money for the future.

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