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Role of Print Media in Digital Marketing

Elza - 22nd January 2021 - 0 comments

‘Marketing’ is one of the crucial elements of a business; without marketing, it is hard for any firm or brand to hike the ladder. The marketing strategies we imply can make your brand widely known. If we try to think from a consumer’s perspective, what would you do? Buy stuff from a random site or store or something that you have heard of very often? Obviously from a place that you’ve seen or heard of quite often, isn’t it? Yes! As humans, we tend to form a liking and trust towards things we are familiar with. And that is exactly the main essence of marketing. Through marketing, we try to familiarise people with our store or brand. And thus over a period of time, they will build genuine trust in your brand and the next time they think of buying a product or service your store will flash in their mind almost instantaneously.

There are so many forms and methods of marketing, like digital marketing and influencer marketing. One of the early yet effective ways of marketing is Print media marketing. But very few have heard about it in this modern world. If you would like to know what is print media marketing and its benefits, this is the right page for you. As you read this blog, you will get to know about this unique method of marketing, and if it is worth investing in print media marketing when the world around is revolving around the internet. Also, you will get to know what part print media has in digital marketing.

What Is Print Media Marketing?

The print media advertising is a commonly known and widely used form of advertising. Through print media, the advertisements are placed on tangible items like magazines and newspapers. At times the ads also appear as filers and brochures. Therefore, in short, anything that is written on a physical item to grab the attention of a particular audience is known as print advertising or print media marketing.

To make a printed ad, a team of people work on a particular concept and develop the needed images and wordings. And then both the image and wordings are brought together to get the final output. And then the advertisement is placed in the right place of a publication. It works well and gets more exposure when placed on prominent places like the front page. On the other hand, if it gets placed on subsequent pages, our ad is most likely to be overlooked.

Print media | CfactoryWhat Are The Benefits Of Using Print Media Advertising?

Some people still love reading newspapers and magazines. Especially the elderly ones love going through each and every sentence of newspapers and stuff. As a result, if they find printed ads on such pieces of literature, no doubt they will have a keen look at it. They may not instantly buy a product from you and become your client, but your product and brand will settle down in their subconscious mind. So the next time they are in the market, they will be tempted to buy it.

Print media provides unlimited exposure and are less intrusive. This is because there is no time limit or intrusions here, and so the reader can study the ad at his leisure.

What Rules To Follow In Print Media Marketing?

You can succeed in print advertising only if people see them. So it would be best if you make the readers look at your ad and not look past it. For that, your advertisements should be attractive to your potential customers.

What Is The Role Of Print Media In Digital Marketing?

Though the world is now mostly into the internet, print media advertising can still prove to be useful. It helps in enhancing your brand recognition and drives traffic to your online sites and offline stores as well. Additionally, it will also help in promoting business values and incentives. 

When you work hard to combine digital and print media marketing, you will be able to cover all your marketing bases and deliver a holistic advertising strategy. While you reach out to your entire target audience, without missing any, you can also give them a more personalised experience.

Print Media | Cfactory

What Are The Reasons To Beleive That Print Media Advertising Works In This Digital Age

Gives A Lasting Impression

There are surplus amounts of online ads, on an average an internet user is bombarded with nearly 1700 marketing campaigns in a month but ends up seeing only half of them. Just think of the many instances that we ourselves have looked passed an online ad! Nearly 90 percent of the people don’t even bother to click on online ads. Considering all this and the number of distractions online, we can conclude that digital marketing fails to carry the entire weight of your marketing plan. On the other hand, when people go through physical publications like a brochure or a flyer, they are probably in a relaxed state of mind and so they can look into the ad. Moreover, the piece of literature is constantly going to be there on their desk, reminding them of your product and brand.

Print media is intrusive.

Although online ads seem to generate faster and more trackable results, get lost in a clutter of ads on a webpage. And online ads do not tend to generate high direct response numbers on their own; this is because people generally tend to ignore them unless it is very compelling or shos something very familiar. There are still avid readers of magazines and newspapers, in numbers more than we think. Pamphlets, magazines and flyers are tangible and quite intrusive. Some publications are printed on high gloss paper and thus making them perfect for waiting rooms and coffee tables.

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