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Are The Brochures Still That Effective In Marketing?

Elza - 8th March 2021 - 0 comments

Marketing is an inevitable component of every business. It helps establish your brand and tell people about the product or services you offer. There are so many methods of marketing, and digital marketing is one of the most important ways that is widely used nowadays. Because of its widespread usage and reach many people tend to ignore another effective marketing tool, that is tangible marketing. Tangible marketing uses physical things that we can see, touch, hear or smell. Hence, books, brochures and leaflets are used to promote brand recognition and customer loyalty.

 Although we cannot deny the power of digital marketing, it doesn’t mean other offline channels are futile. One of the most effective forms of marketing is brochure design marketing. With the rise in online marketing and social media, you may wonder if the brochure is still capable of drawing sales and impelling enough for customers to put their trust in your brand. But the trust is that printed brochures offer unique value and are capable of reinforcing your online efforts, and can also hit customers where the screen cannot.


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Why Are Brochure Designs Effective?

Brochures are always regarded as a critical tool for business-to-consumer contact, and it is one of the most important ways to showcase your product. This is because for several generations printed materials have played a major role in helping consumers to evaluate and purchase a service or product, as they provide all the needed information helping them make an informed choice. Additionally, they also are an integral part of business-to-business contact, especially at trade shows. Trends may come and go but all along, marketing specialists and clients have always prefered printed brochures to display beautiful photographs and a wealth of detailed information. One of the main reasons is that it offers greater longevity and can be retained and referred to time and again. Therefore it is eye-catching and helps in keeping potential or actual purchases at the forefront of the mind.

Moreover, as the world we are living in is digitally driven, online advertising makes the audience feel drained. Brands chase, shout and even stalk potential customers for them to be heard. As a result, visitors get fed up and turn away from the screens. In such cases, marketing brochures make sure that your marketing efforts do no go in vain. Researches also prove that 95% of visitors who obtain a brochure become aware of that particular business. And 80% of them consider visiting the businesses they saw on brochures. So do not hesitate to add brochures in your marketing campaign.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Brochure Design Marketing?

  • Cost-Effective: It is hard for small startups and SMEs to have a budget dedicated to marketing. They are put in a situation where they have to circulate their branding efforts on a tight budget. Therefore, marketing brochures can prove to be a cost-effective option when compared to online marketing tools. If you are one such budding entrepreneur, you can work with professional designers to produce budget-friendly brochure designs. If you choose to buy handy booklets in bulk, you can get it at significantly low prices. As these marketing brochures contain your business details, they can be used for various purposes. You can hand them to loyal clients, prospects and many other people. It can also be displayed in big showrooms, clinics and parlours for the visitors to have a look and know about your brand.
  • Reach target audience: A marketing brochure helps you in reaching your target audience, as long as you have their precise address. Whilst in online marketing, although you can specially target your prospects, it is more likely that your ads may get unnoticed or ignored. Whereas, a brochure which is placed through the doors of your prospective customer, will hardly go unnoticed. With these, the possibility of reaching your prospects during networking events also increases. Because most of the networking events include general gathering and chit-chat, your brand brochures will ensure that your product and even the business itself will stay in the mind of the attendees. And its materiality will help them recall your brand.
  • Brouchers | Cfactory
  • A chance to impress: A brochure will make you appear credible and will create wonderful opportunities to showcase your brand and impress your clients. High quality and well-designed brochure with clear content are capable of speaking volumes about your brand. Everyone knows that it takes a lot of time and effort to make a brochure, so when you make one, it will help reassure your clients about how much you will do for them. And it is a unique opportunity to stand out. Hence you can leave a good impression on your readers. Therefore brochures are a budget-friendly, smart and eye-catching way of impressing your guests. You can be creative with it as well, you can print it on recycled paper, and play with its format, shape and size.
  • Establishes business credibility: With tools such as WordPress and Wix nowadays, anyone can set up a website and call them a business. And so people are in search of something more credible. A tangible element such as a brochure goes a step further in creating trust than a website would. When you are investing money and time to make a brochure, people view your business as something more trustable.
  • Multiple Distribution Channels: If a client has to see your website or a digital ad, there would only be one possible way to get to it- that is by going online. Whereas, when you use marketing brochures, it can be distributed in various ways. Through channels like newspaper, exhibition stalls, malls, mail and so on.
  • Silent salesperson: When kept, a brochure will become a constant reminder of your business to the prospective customer. Every time they catch sight of it – be it in their coffee table, desk or the drawer, your brand is pushed to the front of their minds. Moreover, as they are often left lying around more people or clients are more likely to see it.

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