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All You Need to Know About Video Marketing

Monica Joann - 25th June 2019 - 0 comments

Video Marketing agency ! The Most Welcomed Technology

In general, when we think about the word video, we all think about something that is used to capture our life’s precious moments. Yes! This is what the term video is contributing to our lives a few years back. But, today as we are in the world of digitalisation, where everything is online. This old fashion has transformed into something new and now has become one of the major digital marketing tools – Video Marketing!

This concept of the video is used as a tool in the field of marketing as the pictures create more impact on one’s mind rather than words through a blog post. This is the basic reason as to why video marketing has been introduced in marketing. Video marketing can be used as a bridge between the customer and business, as it creates a strong rapport, by promoting the brand, product or service.

Apart from this, video marketing can also be used as a medium to present the following, as of how-to’s, promote customer testimonials, live-stream events and deliver entertaining or viral content.

In digital marketing, video marketing is considered to be a proven technique, if you are looking for some way to boost traffic and increase conversions. Sometimes, it might be scary to create a video content for marketing if it’s for the first time, but following the video marketing strategy, it can be much easier.

To promote this video marketing content, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are the great places. Video marketing is worth the investment to grab the traffic easily. Hence, compared to other marketing tools, this video marketing gets around 66% more qualified improved leads every year and achieves 54% of the increase in brand awareness. Let’s deep dive into video ads content marketing strategy.


Video Marketing Strategy

  1. Allocate Resources: Before getting started, it is better to plan for some designated budget for video – at least must have decent equipment, good editing software and of course a better team to give out a better output on time. With all things must have a clear idea as what type of video you want to proceed with.
  1. Tell your stories: A video must be entertaining, so the entire concept must be presented in the form of a story. So, have it in mind that the storytelling must be in such a way that the visitor must watch the video till end. So, be clear with what stories do you want to tell? How will you tell them? etc.
  1. Engage: Just explaining the story is not enough. It is more important to engage the audience while listening to the story as of how will you make your story more interesting? What will hook your targeted audience? etc.
  1. Keep it short: People get bored if something is too lengthy, so be careful to have your video content short and sweet. Be ruthless with your editing but cutting out everything that is extraneous.
  1. Publish: Once the video is entirely ready, it’s time to publish. Thus, embedded in your website, upload to the social media channels such as YouTube, etc. and promote it.
  1. Analyse: Track metrics and statistics to determine the views of the video.

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are many benefits of video marketing. Let’s see them below,

  • Connect with the audience: It helps you to get connected to the audience. Today, the marketing efforts are designed that can help you build trust. The video acts as a bridge that links the customers to peer behind the curtain and makes your brand to be known.
  • Video is a key to SEO: It helps in building backlinks to your sites, that can boost the likes and shares. This can drive immense traffic to your business and eventually create a great impact on the search engine As YouTube is owned by Google, it is better to post your videos to YouTube and tag them with the keywords or key phrases.
  • Boosting information to your video: Well, it is quite natural for anybody to forget the information what we hear, but it takes time for someone to forget the images. Thus, see to it that the videos must contain relevant information through images. It is found that an average of 65% of the information will retain even after three days if it is given by imagery.
  • Grab the traffic: In a survey, it is found that people love to view videos, and over 74% of the video content will grab great online traffic when compared to other modes of marketing.
  • Emails that have been subjected to the keyword ‘video’ increases 19% of open rates and a 65% boost in click-through rate.
  • Video is something which is well watched by the people of all age groups rather than reading the content.
  • Mostly, the videos have the power to make people’s mind stagnant. Thus, it can push the visitor to buy the product before he/she comes out of clarity.
  • Video boost-up the conversion rates: A recent study shows that about 57% of online consumers go for the video before buying any product. Thus, these people follow the video demonstration of the product to have a clear idea.
  • Video is Emotional: Video with the imageries and music has the power to affect the emotional center of a person’s brain.
  • Videos are easily accessible: Today, you can watch a video with endless possible platforms such as YouTube, broadcast television, video boards, street marketing, etc. You can access these online videos anytime, anywhere on a smartphone, etc. but this is not the case with paper marketing.

Different types of Video Marketing Examples

When it is about video marketing, you can find a variety of content as per different marketing purpose. Since the content depends upon the creative ideas, you can find as much as a possibility in variety. Let’s explore the most common types of video content that are used for marketing,

  • Product/Service Videos: The product or service videos must explain as to what is the product or service offered and their benefits. Blendtec YouTube series is a great example of product or service videos.

Here, in the series, Blendtec’s CEO, Tom Dickson, demonstrates the power and strength of Blendtec brand blenders by attempting to blend up many varieties of items.

  • Brand Video: These brand videos are usually short videos whose main target is to introduce their brand to potential consumers. An example of the brand video is MailChimp series that has followed the theme ‘Did you mean MailChimp?’

Here, in each series of ad, MailChimp plays on mispronunciations of their own brand name to give silly and enter; it’s a sort of marketing strategy.

  • Explainer: The explainer videos are the one that explains ‘how to do something’. They are pretty short but are more powerful to gain the viewer’s attention. These videos are designed to explain your business ideas or concepts in seconds. OptinMonster is the best examples of these type of videos where the video is super educational and informative.

Video Marketing website

Top Five Most Important Video Marketing Tips

Well, with the above information about video marketing, you would have got a better idea about what video marketing is all about and how to do video marketing. But, to be more precise with the concept, let’s see the five most important tips of video marketing that can skyrocket your traffic and conversions.

1) Keep your story an Interesting One:

It is very important for you to have a compelling story, i.e., most of the people must feel your story. It is much better if it is inspiring too. Thus, see to it that, your content is unique and must not be copied version or a modified version of any other existing video from any other website.

Mainly the branded videos give more freedom than most of the other marketing formats to show off the values to your customers and other potential customers.

2) Be on Point with a minimal time duration:

For any video, it is must to hook up the people within the first 5-10 seconds, only then they will watch a video till end.

Be clear that your video must answer the question as to ‘Why should I watch the video?’ within the first 10 seconds. The Reebok’s ’25,915 Days’ campaign is one the best example as it has grabbed people attention in the first 10 seconds.

3) Call to Action:

It is a must for any marketing content to have a call to action. Most of the marketers tend to place their call to action at the end of their videos when it is about to fade. Well, this is an excellent place for a call to action in any video content, but be clear that it should be placed in such a way that must move along with the video and should not seem to be as just a thrown-out tag at the end.

Sometimes, the marketers have found great success even when they include another call to action somewhere in the middle of the video when the visitor is much involved with their content.

4) Content Optimisation:

SEO, the most important step for any online business to reach out to potential customers. Thus, it is always better to take the time to SEO your video marketing. The best thing over here you can do before uploading your video is to share sites on your own domain.

what is Video Marketing

In the case of video, the video description is the great starting point in search engine optimisation. This well-crafted description serves the below motives,

  • It makes your video content easily accessible to those who depend on screen readers or are deaf
  • It allows the need and understanding of the video content for Google’s search spiders.

Here, you can make use of video sitemaps or mRSS feeds to have a track of your video content marketing.

5) Better to share your video content work everywhere:

This is the simplest but too effective step. Yes! It is very important for any business to know from where the content is consumed by the customers. Depending upon that placing your videos in those placed can grab maximum customers attention.

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