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A Step-By-Step Guide for Rebranding Strategies

Monica Joann - 7th August 2019 - 0 comments

The concept of rebranding is referred to as a marketing strategy that can create a significant difference in the business in terms of logo and web designing.

Transform Your Business with Rebranding! Are you looking out for something stable for your company? Then you have an exclusive solution to perform rebranding for your business. Rebranding is a marketing strategy that you need when you feel like your business is down, or when there is a need of branching into new territories to explore your business or when there is a lack of aesthetics values.

Rebranding is not a bad sign to move on with. It is a good start to become a successful company. Often, this rebranding means that the company has renovated its brand identity and is ready to reach new heights. Eventually, it offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen the company’s presence and reputation in the world.

This article focuses on how does a website designing companies handle the concept of rebranding. But before getting into those details, let’s see whether is rebranding the best idea to move on with?

Is Rebranding a Great Idea to Move on with?

Well, when you want your business to grow tremendously, you have to target a broader audience, and you can reflect this easily with the help of your brand. It’s a well-known fact that your established brand speaks out for you among the millennial crowd. Adidas is one such company that has obtained success with its recent branding strategy.

To reach out to the target audience, Adidas completely focused on digital marketing streams such as social media platform, etc. and reached the height.

Retouch Your Business with the Final Decision of Re-branding

rebranding web

Once, you have decided to go on with the rebranding process, this can ensure you with its benefits. But, before moving ahead, you need to be determined with ‘what’s your level of branding?’ if that makes sense. Let’s see the possible approaches that a website designing companies take towards rebranding your business,

1.Approach of a Web Design Company Concerning Re-branding Strategy

Before getting into the rebranding process, a web designing company mainly focuses on analysing the overall website. They go for every minuet details of an existing brand as well as existing website including logo, user-friendliness, the content, presentation, font, colour combination, the pleasant and elegant approach towards a website, etc. Keeping all these small and simple things in mind, they began with the process of rebranding. Let’s see their approach towards rebranding a company,

A) Start from scratch

Rebranding is almost like starting from scratch. Before going for this, the website designing companies do analyse your website as well as your competitor’s websites, and then determine the best positioning strategy to be used to move forward. Before getting into redesigning it is must to think for some important questions to proceed further. They are,

  • Why do you need a website redesign?
  • What do you want to achieve with your business and marketing goals?
  • What type of audience you need to approach for your business?
  • How can your website be improved to attract these customers?

When you are clear with all these above questions, you can approach a website designing company to proceed further with the rebranding process.

b) Identifying the need for Rebranding

One of the most drastic rebranding outlines is changing the company’s name as this can have a great impact on the business. Here, the website designer likely needs to migrate the existing site to a new domain. This change is accompanied by a new website design with the introduction of a new brand rather than the existing one.

So, before getting into rebranding company’s name, it is better to consider a few things,

  1. Identify the parts that your company deal with that needs rebranding and decide whether this can be taken up in-house or some brand consultancy is required
  2. Define the scope of your rebranding including namely visual identity, verbal identity and behavioural identity
  3. Research on the recently branded item from similar competitor organisations. Also, establish your target audience and communication style
  4. Identify the constraints and stay focused on your key objective

Once you have identified and got to know as of how your new brand is going to look like, then it is the perfect time to go for a new inventory creation for all your brand assets.

rebranding website

c) Approach with a Friendly website

For any business, its website is the key that markets itself before you even talk about your business to the customer. Thus, your website is the most important marketing and sales tool you have that can promote your business.

In the market, there is talk that rather than redesigning your website, it is better to go for realigning or changing your website as per your present business strategy. On the one hand, this sounds somewhat great, but to be practical, it’s not a good approach unless its lining up to your business is your primary aim.

The concept of website redesigning is an essential part of the process that can realign your business and marketing goals. This is because all the successful website redesigns include a margin of realignment.

d) A refreshing approach with Custom Logo

An eye-catching refreshing approach seems to be lighter, but it’s the most powerful approach that can grab a more targeted audience for any business. You might be thinking what this simple approach is, it’s nothing else but the company’s logo.

It’s a possible approach that can be done when there is a significant development in the business, i.e., when there is a release of a new product, or product offerings, or some major modification been performed in business, etc., most of the companies go for this approach.

Going for a custom logo can add to your professional appearance as this will help you to get your organisation noticed by the right people. To custom logo design these website designing companies work with the owners and make sure that the concept, design and colours must complement the freshly designed site and should also reflect the great work that the company does.

Google’ logo is a good example of this refreshing technique that has gone through many refreshing changes whenever Google company has introduced some development with their business.

e) Build a new website and online presence

Generally, a company’s website is the single most important communication and business development tool. It is the place for a business to communicate with each of the audience. It is the first place where the prospective client or employee will turn to learn more about the firm.


f) Marketing Assurance

As rebranding is one of the most non-trivial business decisions that require not only the content but also the design that includes structural migrations or web changes. Here, the web designer needs to think through search engine optimisation’s perspective too.

Well, it is somewhat critical to consider SEO while planning for rebranding as this can avoid the brand-related ranking and traffic loss and sometimes any related negative influences on ‘non-branded’ queries ranking.

At this stage, the website designers will develop all of the marketing materials that are needed to communicate the brand and service messages. To communicate the messages, they make use of the tools including think pitch decks, one-sheet fliers, proposal templates, brochures and trade show booths.

All the rebranding strategies usually involve the website as they are the heart of any modern professional product or service firms. The website designers have all these things in consideration, built a website on the framework of a messaging architecture. This is done together with your remaining online presence.

You can achieve this web migration SEO practice through certain different ways that are based on the type of rebranding. It might be the case either with the company name or with specific product lines. To obtain success through rebranding the web designing companies needs to set the proper stage before proceeding with rebranding.

Thus, this article concludes that depending upon all these above strategies, the website designing companies go for the rebranding process and see to it that the successful rebrand must reach a newer target audience with their existing clients.

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